Clown Pool – Long Beach

Patrick Goddard and The Clown Pool Interview by Clayton Graul Photos by Patrick Goddard @pathollowhome Clayton Graul: Why ‘Clown Pool?’ Patrick Goddard: … Keep reading

Steve Wells.

FDR Skatepark – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FDR Skatepark began its life in 1996 with a few small obstacles built by the City of Philadelphia in an attempt to meet the needs of a growing community. In true D-I-Y fashion, local skaters soon gathered their resources and began the ongoing construction of a space of their own design. Today, FDR is recognized throughout the world as a landmark in the skateboarding community. It has been host to heroes, villains, triumph, and tragedy…

Adam Benson. Tailslide. Photo: Patty Fang

The Bird Bath – San Francisco, California

SCUM Skates BBQ session at Aaron Hazlewood’s bowl in San Francisco, California. Featuring Scum team riders Adam Benson and Devin Scott + friends.