Confusion Magazine: Trailer for “FUSION”

We made this video trailer last year to premier in a stone celler for the opening of Wasted Box Skateshop in Cologne, Germany. The concept is to combine both skateboarding and surfing in one video, thus the FUSION, or blending of the two activities, into one. We are no longer going to combine the skateboarding and surfing as a video collage in one section, but rather have two separate sections for the viewing pleasure of those who are not interested in surfing, which will allow us to have a complete surf section after the full length skate section. In the FUSION project, we are blending still photography, 8mm film and video footage, as well as editing to different styles of underground, independent, non-mainstream music, and using as few handrails and “big time” over-represented pros as possible.

Skaters: Adam Benson, Zarosh, Josh Mattson, Kevin Wenzke, Jesse Gullings, Maru, Raven Tershy, Sparrow, Roberto Alemañ, Patrick Melcher, Mikey Curtis, Jason Parkes, Ian Dykmans, Dan Robinson, Matty Contreras and way more.

Surfers: Adam Wade, Rat Boy, Matt Ratt, Nathan Fletcher, John John, Pedro Agular, Ellis Ericson, Nick Colby, Ry Craike and a bunch of unknowns…

Video / Edit: Jonathan Hay & Sean Wood
Additional footage: Swilly and Tsuyoshi
Still Photos:J. HayMusic: FCC, “Dead. Like Me.”

The video will be released December 2011.

Fusion [fyoo-zhuhn]

  1. a coalition of parties or factions.
  2. a thermonuclear reaction in which nuclei of light atoms join to form nuclei of heavier atoms, as the combination of deuteriumatoms to form helium atoms.
  3. a. the correct blending of the images of both eyes.
    b. the perception of rapid, intermittent flashes of light as a
    continuous beam.
  4. popular music that is a blend of two styles, esp. a combining of jazz with either rock, classical music, or such ethnic elementsas Brazilian or Japanese music.
  5. the blending of two “extreme sports” such as skateboarding and surfing with footage from each within one film

1545–55: [Latin] a pouring out, melting.

— Related forms
fu·sion·al, adjective
non·fu·sion, noun

— Can be confused: fission, fusion.

Examples: Isn’t it confusing that Confusion means against fusion but the
Confusion video is a fusion of skateboarding and surfing?

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