Basque Pool Series 2019 – La Kantera

First stop of of the Basque Pool Series in the La Kantera Pool located at Playa Arrigunaga in Algorta, Pais Vasco. June 22nd, 2019.

The Basque Pool Series doesn’t have big money prizes like the La Kantera Pro to attact skaters from around the world, so it’s more of a local Basque crew and skaters from Barcelona and other parts of Spain.

The next events are July 6th at the Gernika bowl, July 20th in the Leioa bowl, and September 21st in the new Olabeaga bowl

Basque Pool Series 2019 – La Kantera

Filmed and edited by J. Hay
Music by Buzzov-enA Lack Of

Photos by Jonathan hay

Natxo Aguado. Frontside air

Julen Armizmendi. Frontside tailslide

Alain Kortabitarte. Eggplant

Ian Campbell. Frontside nosegrind tailgrab on the hip

Alain Kortabitarte. Stand up frontside grind

Natxo Aguado. Stalefish

Ian Campbell transfering into the pool

Yankee. Backside slob fast plant

Ladder session:

Alain Kortabitarte. Hippy jumping the ladder

Miller grom. Backside air over the ladder

SKT_BRONZE. FSA over the ladder.

Joseph Golay. FSA over the ladder

Peio Gonzalez. Madonna.

Alain Kortabitarte. Backside stalefish over the ladder

Additional photos by Borja Casas

La Kantera overview

Parse. Sex change.

Peio Gonzalez. Lien to tail.

Kiara. Frontside grind grab

JS Golab. Stalefish

Iraia. Frontside air

Leonardo. Backside air

Leonardo. Frontside grind in the shallow end

Albert. Slob plant

Paul. Frontside grind

Yankee. Backside slob

Frontside over the ladder