Vert Attack 5 – Malmö, Sweden – 2011

VERT ATTACK 5 was one hell of a contest at the huge vert skater gathering in Malmö, Sweden.
VERT IS BACK! After the fifth edition of the “European Midvert Championships” it’s getting ridiculous to deny this. That was already the case after last winter’s Vert Attack 4, when 67 european vert skaters had celebrated an incredible day of vert at its best.

Confusion Magazine – Issue #4

Confusion Magazine – Issue #4 – release date end of Janauary, 2012. Featuring Adam Benson, Matt Grabowski, Balder Lehmann, Ferit Batir, Phil Jackson and Sadam Yoshizawa.

Rampenlicht Project – Berlin

The first phase of the project begins with the construction of the focal piece: a triangular skateboard ramp, which will be extracted from its ‘natural’ environment and modified to serve a different purpose than originally intended. It will be a symbol of harmony within the collective, and at the same time a symbol of disharmony within today’s society. It is representative of the main topic of the exhibition and will therefore be the central point of the happenings.Around this piece of carpentry, the collective will create an atmosphere that opposes a dystopian, exaggerated reality with a surreal dreamlike utopia. Various forms of contemporary art, such as painting, videography, photography, sculpture, installation, etc., will be used to reach this goal.