Words by Kobi

It will not be a surprise if I say that 2020 was a little fucked up. All this covid/lockdown/stay at home bullshit etc. One of the obvious questions that the whole world was asking was: “Will there be annual Rozkurwiel Tour?”. No worries guys. It happened. First idea was to visit the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our plan changed. Was our trip worse because of that? Let’s find out!

All right, to be honest, the rest of story is probably boring. You can skip below text and watch these cool photos. Or you can give it a try! Your choice. The world is yours.

Classic morning meet-up. Emotional storm and fight for the best seats in the bus. 9 guys in a 9-seater bus? Let me tell you boy! It can get intense. But definitely funny. After short warm-up at skatepark in Koziegłowy, we hit to Poznań’s diy skate spot Cegielnia. I arranged a meeting with Szrot’s good friend Mateusz Gmys – alien, freak and owner of best skateboards’ manufacturer Nibiru Skateboards! Cegielnia was on fire that day! Szrot x Nibiru collabo session. That was a proper start of the tour. In the evening after a few Specjals (the finest polish beer), handshakes and hugs, we left for the first night of our tent city. Cegielna was probably one of the best spots of that trip.

First skatepark of the tour – Koziegłowy. Photo: Mojżesz

And first meal of the tour. For the next few days these guys will eat just junk. Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

Boys “warming up” at Cegielnia DIY. Photo: Andrew Firago

Guest skater on Cegielnia – Mateusz Gmys with front rock. Nibiru fuckin’ skateboards. Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

Next day was a time to leave our homeland and visit friends in Czech Republic. Prague was our first destination. “Do you want to check some halfpipe under the bridge?” Strejli asked. First thought? Some metal ramp covert with dirt and homeless bums? You can’t be more wrong. That “ramp” was part of the bridge. Natural spot. Probably one of the best spots of that trip. Just riding up and down was fun. No tricks needed. Tricks are for kids. Unfortunately one of our biggest players – Drew lost control and fucked his elbow. Damn Drew! How dare you! After that we went to Stalin. Session till it gets dark on Stalin plaza is always a great idea to finish the day in Prague.

Strejli with signature frontside smith. Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

Quality skateboarding requires quality food! Photo: Andrew Firago

Mojżesz with frontside air on the ramp under the bridge. I will give a beer to anyone who can frontside slash the coping on that thing. Photo: I don’t know. Sorry.

Next day we spent time at a few skateparks and cool bowls. Any story to tell? Not really. But remember that wine in Czech is quite cheap. Don’t miss that opportunity. And again, another Rozurwiel’s circus member- Mojżesz slammed on the spine and knocked out his shoulder. Third day and two men down. Not very promising.

Finest polish beer – Specjal chilling on the ledge. Kobiał doing some weak boardslide in the background. Photo: Mojżesz

Few minutes later Mojżesz’s died. Photo: Andrew Firago

Kobiał – stand up frontside grind. photo: Andrew Firago

Bowl in Slovakia. Skatepark was so bright I almost went blind. Photo: Mojżesz

And it was also hot as hell. Crew was burning. Photo: Mojżesz

Believe me. It was the smallest bowl in the world. Photo: Mojżesz

Kobiał – sweeper somewhere in suburbs of Prague. Photo: Andrew Firago

Cabin crew is getting ready for take-off. Photo: Andrew Firago

We stopped at some supermarket to buy some food and beverages. What we found out was a surprise! DIY skatepark in the parking lot. And it was not just some flatbars or wooden ghetto kickers. Park was amazing, locals were very friendly and it was hot as fuck. Probably one of the best spots of that trip.

DIY skatepark built on the parking lot of closed supermarket. How amazing is that? Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

Kobiał – spine, photo: Andrew Firago

I was satisfied enough that I could get drunk already with a smile on my face and call it a day. But that was not all folks! We visited some pool in the middle of nowhere. Amazing! Riding over stairs gives me goosebumps. And that was probably one of the best spots of that trip! There was also a contest for farthest ollie from kicker into the grass. What a sport spirit!

Kobiał – 50-50 in the pool, photo: Andrew Firago

Strejli making a video masterpiece. Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

The morning greeted us with one of the Egyptian plagues. Mosquito invasion. We just put tents into the bus and left as fast as we could. We visited some skateparks but that’s boring and not worth telling. What is a little less boring is grabbing some beers at the skate pub next to one of these skate playgrounds. Support your local skate business. Cheers!

Support the homie and bring him a beer if he needs that. Photo: Kuba Szczęsny

Our plan was to visit one park in Slovakia, get back to Katowice, Poland and then skate a few other skateparks in Poland. The plan was changed. Again. We made a decision to go to Berlin! Currywurst, Pilsator beer and club mate made our decision easy to make. First day in Germany we decided to spend at Mellow park. Last time I was there a few years ago so I was excited. To my disappointment we found a pretty destroyed skatepark over there… Wooden park was falling apart, there were more holes then actual flat on the ramp and inside the diy bowl there were tables… What the fuck happened? I spent three euros on that! But no worries. I collected bottles, so in the end, I earned a few euros.

Destroyed ramp at Mellow park. Is that a joke?! Rest of the park wasn’t that bad but still not in the best shape. Photo: Mojżesz

Next day was quite intense. We started at Crazy Park (we slept over there) with downhill in that huge pipe. Next on the list was Dogshit spot. I really like that place. We visited this place 3 tours in a row. Next, as Skatehalle was closed due to some alien workshops, I found a small pump track and made hell fun of it. For the last spot of this day and that tour, we visited 2 bowls in the middle of the park. Session was nostalgic as we know that the tour is coming to an end. After goodbye beer we get into our machine and get back to home.

Camp next to Crazy Park in Berlin. In the middle of the road. Photo: Andrew Firago

Crazy park… Photo: Strejli

…and even craizer pipe. That place is always fun. Photo: Strejli

Small, tight pumptrack between the trees. Only for small guys. Photo: Mojżesz

I get back to my flat at 6 am. I chill for a little, eat scrambled eggs, drink coffee, took shit and get to the local skatepark at 11. Lif
es goes on.

More (or less) of Rozkurwiel Tour XI in Szrot zine #25 soon.

Thanks for letting us share that story on Confusion (again). We will be back next year!

Mucho cheers!

Getting batteries loaded. Few hours later we were already in the bus getting back home. Photo: Mojżes

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