Inaugural National DIY Festival and Skate Contest, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Build Ramps Not Walls and Mexico DIY have come together again on a community build that has transformed the downtown Puerto Vallarta Skatepark into one of the most unique DIY spots in the country.  With new lines and creative elements, the park blends the coastal surf style of bowl skating with the gritty DIY street spot style that keeps skaters from all over the world coming back every year!  The park is steep and tough with a crazy elbow shaped half pipe but has great flow when you find the line.  Signature sweet details from the strategically placed parking blocks to the crazy wall rides.

Emilio Fernández from Mexico DIY. Build Ramps Not Walls.
Pool coping
The corner
Pool Coping (detail)
360 flip. Photo: Eduardo Oropeza
Under construction

The remodel was in preparation for the first ever Mexican National DIY Festival and Skate Contest taking place the 6-8 December in Puerto Vallarta.  With over 100 skaters coming from all over Mexico, the raw and creative nature of the park will give even the best professional skaters in Mexico a run for their money.  Ranking participants in The Boardr system, the event plans on becoming an annual fixture on the Mexican skate scene and a circuit stop for the up and coming skaters of the country.   With a DIY Market, a new graffiti mural paint job and sponsors loading up winners with product and cash prizes, the event and the park represent the best of the DIY spirit in Mexico.


When: 6-8 December 2019

Where: Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

How to Register:

What: Three Categories- Open, Feminine, Under 15

More Info: @build_ramps_not_walls or email above

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