POWIŚLE DIY – Warsaw, Poland

POWIŚLE DIY is located in an old building abandoned for twenty years near the center of Warsaw. Construction was started by three people and then quickly more people joined to work and to raise more money for the materials. The spot is totally illegal but we have tacit approval from the city and the police so we can expand the spot and enjoy the ride!” – Piotr Kiełb

Tomek Ziółkowski. BS wallride. Photo: Piotr Kielb
Tomek Ziółkowski. BS wallride. Photo: Kuba Bączkowski
Mateusz Matczak. FS rock and roll.  Photo: Piotr Kielb
Mateusz Matczak. FS rock and roll. Photo: Kuba Bączkowski
Michal Juras. Backside blunt.  Photo: Piotr Kielb
Michał Juraś. Bluntslide backside 180 out. Photo: Piotr Kielb
Michał Juraś. FS wallride.  Photo: Piotr Kiełb
Michał Juraś. FS wallride. Photo: Piotr Kiełb

The spot is in the city center, under the train bridge next to Wisła river and right under “Warsaw Powiśle train station”. It’s an unused space with concrete flat. Guys that create the spot are working hard – everything you can see in this video was built in about one month. They’re trying to collect money by having piggy banks in skate shops and other places skaters go to, plus some Polish companies are helping them by selling their stuff in charitable auctions. This video was created by one of these brands – Filharmonia Skateboarding.


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