Berber Brüder (How we skated 20 different countries in less than a year)

After almost one year in a van, 26,000 km, about 2000€ spent on fuel, 20 different countries visited, almost 40 DIY spots skated, destroyed more than 20 decks in total, two 4 week lasting injuries, two languages refreshed, one oil change made, four car lamps replaced (not having any other troubles with the van), 2000 video clips collected for our film, as well as being in love with skateboarding every single day we are still friends. Even more than one can tell. For us that was the ultimate skateboarding experience that will never be forgotten.

Tailblock. Photo: Ben Hermans

Annapurna Skatepark – Nepal

We built a 650 square meter park in 18 days, and even though it was completely d.i.y., so to say, and took place in one of the poorest countries of the world, we manged to finish with a high quality product even three days before the official opening. Wo/manpower is all you need to make things happen…