Professional D.I.Y. in Glücksburg, north Germany

Starting to write this article, I wondered about the term ‘professional d.i.y.’ which has been quietly existing for a while now. I mean, since the serious skatepark building business nowadays seems to be in the hand of skateboarders pretty much isn’t every project kind of professional d.i.y.? Well, we as skateboarders do it ourselves (just like the whole industry used to be), if we get paid for it or not, it’s bloody d.i.y., isn’t it!? We take matters into our own hands, this is something we should be really, really proud of and continue to do so.

Rocky’s bowl crete-raiser

Overall it was a great day. Had a good turnout raffled everything except few shirts. The bands came later and rocked. Might have to do another in spring.