The Kevin Wenzke Interview

Kevin Wenzke is one of the best all around transition rippers in Germany. At 22 years old, destroying any new bowl or ramp built on European soil, as well as the older concrete relics from the past, Kevin has a bright future in skateboarding. We were close to interviewing Kevin for issue #3 of Confusion Magazine but he had a bad knee injury which took him out for about eight months last May, so we couldn’t complete the feature. Here we have a short interview with some photos taken right before his injury, and a few older photos and sequences. Be on the look out for a full feature with Kevin in 2012 with all new photos as he completes his recovery and returns to slay the concrete bowls across the lands!

West Covina Pool – southern California

Mike had this one going for a while and was one hell of a host. You can only imagine the look on the landlords face when she came by to show a potential renter a room and saw the pool drained! Lots of Action went down at this gem in West Covina. Rhino from Thrasher came by with crew including Grant Taylor and the scored a cover for the 30th anniversary issue. The night before Mike got the boot this session went down. Johnny Abernathy, Ben Butler, Erik Peters, and Robbie from pedro.

Skatepark of Ayacucho – Peruvian concrete

When I arrived in Ayacucho, I was invited with Bruno (Concrete Dreams) and Benoit (BRUSK) to build a mini-ramp for Mama Alice, a dutch NGO which works with children and wanted an infrastructure for teenagers. I used to organize concrete skateparks workshops in Belgium, and we did the same here ( I met a girl and decided to come back and try to live my life here. It was four years ago now, my Peruvian child is two…