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  • Frediy – Basque country

    The idea of building something in the town started in 2018 when Jon Aguirregomezcorta was skating alone in Eibar, Basque Country a similar situation as the skaters from the surrounding towns; he thought in his mind: “If  graffiti writers can go painting in those abandoned factories to produce their pieces, why am I not going to build some ramps?!”

  • DIY Dogs – Crete Days – Wellington DIY, New Zealand

    I’ve been involved in DIY projects in Estonia, but the fact that these guys can organise skaters (!!!) to be on the spot before 7:30 AM and ready to shovel on a weekend, is something else. The DIY spirit is strong with this bunch, hats off to you guys.

  • Heat Slayers – Vert Session at the Orange peel ramp – Maryland

    Backyard vert session in Maryland on a 100f degree day with Darren Navarrette, Derek Krasauks, Jay Stevenson and Mark Pfieffer.