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  • Greifswalder D.I.Y. – Berlin, Germany

    The landlord didn’t open the place for us on purpose, we we’re just an unpleasant side product that developed without him really recognizing. Now he has obviously recognized, and still tolerates the skaters, not without making things difficult for us, but this is another story.

  • The Skate Commandments

    The purpose of this booklet is to show love, support, representation and dedication towards skateboarding. In the last years our beloved activity has been growing and expanding worldwide demonstrating unification and acceptance inside and outside the community.

  • BBB Truckstop – Ballina, Australia

    Grind Projects put it out for every man and his dog to get creating with their DIY dreams. Best crete creation would win a free pour delivered from the Grind Projects legends. Truckstop crew came through with the goods with the most insane structure and took out the win.