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  • SPRING FLING 2021: FDR’s First Women’s Contest

    Looking around FDR and seeing nothing but queens — and I mean only Queens — fired up, ripping in every direction, nearly running into each other, stoking each other up, and just straight going for it, reassures the female presence at DIYs (especially FDR) is well worth paying attention to. The energy is there. It’s authentic. It’s intense.

  • BBC Pool – Barbeque DIY France

    Jacques Séguéla, a french politician once said “If at 50 years old you don’t own a Rolex, it means you messed up something in your life”. Yeah right… Enzo is quite far to be 50 yet (he’s actually only 19) and on the watch he doesn’t own, it’s only writing “NOW” anyway. Whatever, since over a year, this kid and his crew were digging, by hand, a fucking huge hole which is now probably one the best backyard pool in France ! And yep, those guys shot in one go ! God damn legends.

  • Helltrack Rip – Pennsylvania

    We couldn’t see any of the DIY from where we were, so I started venturing into the no-man’s land they created. As I got closer I climbed to the top of an unnatural hill, and from there I could see the top of the vert wall still standing.