Biberbowl build and opening session – Bavaria

This summer the Blackriver family, the Winkens brothers from SVA DIY (Potsdam), a bunch of people from Skate Island (Leipzig), and the guys from Spoff Parks came together for a build at Lillith’s property in north Bavaria. Eight weeks of preparing and building paid off in a nice mellow bowl surounded only by woods, grass and lakes. Big Ups to all people that helped out, Ernie for planning and especially Lillith’s dad who made it possible and supported us all the way!

Words by Johannes Hirschmann
Photos by Martin Ehrenberger & Henrik Loos
Video by Martin Ehrenberger

The plan

Lillith being stoked

Spoff Parks/ SVA DIY


Lillith’s dad calling it a day

Elias Assmuth coping job

Rubl Jung. Layback powerslide

Amelie. Frontside carve grind

Naked crowd

Jan Winkens. One foot nosegrab front slash

Lillith’s parents, good times

Jan Winkens. Layback air

Brandon. Nosegrind

Brandon. Frontside feeble

Jan Winkens. Layback

Hugo Stronzo. Frontside disaster

Sox. Frontside ollie

Jan Winkens. Backside boneless

Johannes Hirschmann. Frontside tailslide

Nele Schmidt. Backside grind

Fabian Kutscha. Frontside air

Fabian Kutscha. Blunt to fakie

Blackriver skateparks

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