Meanwhile park – London

So the thing goes like this; me, Ross and Bromley met up with Jack and Dan in Brixton. The plan was to go to some huge bank in south London, but fuck! just started to rain. so where to go? fuck it, lets go to Meanwhile park, where there’s the infamous “Gonz gap“.

Well, the park has some tiny street course aaand of course was definitely packed. Which means… good for us! because we don’t care about it! So here, just a few shots I took, of a very good session with my lads, blasting some tricks, eating shit and of course smashing some beers afterwards! And this is it!”

Photos and words by: David “Dog” Vivaldini


David "Dog" Vivaldini 

Dan Singer. Backside Boneless

Ross Brunton. Boneless

Ross Brunton. Boneless

Matt Bromley. Owner of Blast Skates.

Matt Bromley. Handplant.

Jack Lammas. Creator of the Confusion "2 Headed Crow". Crailtap.

Jack Lammas. Crailtap.