Skunk Bowl DIY – southern California

More people have asked about donating to the bowl. I think we’re going to need it. The plan is all the walls, then the coping, then the flats.

If you want to help out, the best way is to donate a bag or two of cement about $5 a bag. I’ll be sure you get a pin when it’s all ready. Thanks in advance.

We finished what we started under the cover of night. The crew is clicking and we’re ready for bigger pours. we also found a skunk carcass next to the bowl, so, in its honor we’ve named this the Skunk Bowl. Thanks to everyone who’s donated, offered to help or just cheered this project on. It really makes a difference. Clayton Graul


Day Four and we got a handle on what it will be… 114 x 90 pound bags worth give or take. That’s over 10,000 pounds of concrete to move, transport, move, mix and stack. Should be plenty fun in the end. Help again from @filthyditchcrewzine and @popchron

That’s a lot of wood for a quarter bowl pocket. Top form, back board, transitions bottom form and stakes. All scrap wood. The InfiniMini.