DIY Ities – Patra, Greece


DIY Spot: Ities, Patra – GREECE
Riders: Giorgos Platis, Nikos Nikolikos
Filming: Mavrokefalos Dimitris, Manousakis Menandros

“Congratulations to the kids in Patras for their work and respect to those who had the idea and helped in any way with its construction! So let’s take a moment to enjoy, and then on to the next.”  – Fotis Panokis

Thanks to Fifty Fifty boardshop for contributing money for the concrete!

For more info about Greek skateboarding check out:

George Platis. Backside hand plant off the quarter wallride.
George Platis. Backside wallride.
George Platis. Pole Jam.
Nikos Nikolikos. Pole Jam with the sunsetting over the Mediterranean in the background.

Thanks to Fotis Panokis for sending Confusion the video. Photos ruthlessly grabbed from 5050 boardshop’s website, for the greater good of skater-kind.
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