Teahupoo, Tahiti – Spring 2011

Confusion water cameraman Sean Wood checks in from the road, risking his life just to get you this epic footage from the razor sharp coral reef of Tahiti.

“Almost died today filmin…… was hangin too far inside behind the boats and skiis to get the tow guys coming out of the barrell. Committed to the veiwfinder and didnt realize the whole reef was closing out…. swam under 3 15 footers breaking in knee deep water…. light as a feather, stiff as a board! only a bloody nose from the pressure.”

Barrier Barge Ballina Skatepark – New South Wales, Australia

The concrete had just finished hardening and it was time to give the “improved” barrier a proper shredding so Tony Chavez organized the first “Barrier Barge” event at the Ballina Skatepark in New South Wales, Oz. A last-minute decision put this event on a sunny Thursday afternoon and Tony brought out plenty of beer and snags, with TruckStop Sk8 shop, Confusion Magazine, and the Free Beule campaign throwing in some merchandise for prizes.

Dietsches’s Pool Dreams of Californication

Dietsches, founder of OMSA (Old Men Skate Association), in Düsseldorf, Germany, headed over to Southern California in the dead of German winter to skate some pools and hang out in the California sun with his friend Keith Stephenson (owner of Addikt Skateboards) as well as Lance Mountain, pool skate writer Ozzie, Kenny King, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and more… sometimes dreams can become reality.