BRUSK Collective: “Concrete Idea” Art Show

BRUSK Collective “Concrete Idea” Art Show
On Saturday, March 6th, 2010. Opening at 6:00 PM exhibition “Concrete Idea” at Basementizid – Wollhausstr. 17, in Heilbronn, Germany
Die hard skateboarders – bumps and holes covered by metal – then concrete -you’re already skating in your head – away from home – dread weather conditions – can dry fast or take the whole night – stick together as one – no one else wants it as good as we do – forget about the plans – we’ll be the first ones to skate it anyway

Blackcrossbowl – Basel, Switzerland

While I was down staying in a hotel in an industrial shit hole of a town, Spreitenbach, which is near the grand city of Zürich, Switzerland I was contacted by Lars Greiwe and Bertrand Trichet to let me know they’d be taking care of business in Basel, about 45 minutes from where I was staying. I decided to get out of the hotel and join them for an evening in Basel and a small adventure across the border to Germany.

Nathan Fletcher hits Mexican Pipes

Nathan Fletcher surfing a quad (four) fin Stretch surfboard. With three broken boards within 1 week, you know these were some heavy tubes. While others were doing tow-ins and jet ski assists, Nathan stroked in the old fashioned way, with his arms. He thinks the whole jet ski thing is a bit too “jock”.