Clown Pool – Long Beach

Patrick Goddard and The Clown Pool

Interview by Clayton Graul
Photos by Patrick Goddard @pathollowhome

Clayton Graul: Why ‘Clown Pool?’

Patrick Goddard: I have this unhealthy fascination for clowns. It’s gone on way too long and annoys most everyone. But, somehow over the years, I’ve collected weird clown “things” that have naturally found their way into the cracks and crevices of the pool. “Clown Pool” seemed like the obvious nickname. I also need to thank Lance Mountain for making a plexiglass cover for the pool light and entombing the clown inside, making our spot more recognizable. I am forever grateful to Lance for his help, generosity and friendship.

Patrick Goddard – “Take your cameras out”

Music video filmed at the Clown Pool
Music: Patrick Goddard (pool owner)
Edited by his son Dylan Goddard
Featuring: Zane Timpson, Beau Godfrey, Sabino Lopez, Josh Borden, Joe Dirt, Jake Jeffries and Tristen Rennie

How long was the pool full of water?

As far as I know, since the pool was built in 1960. And at least as long as we’ve owned this home (5 years). There is what appears to be a scum line in deep end, so might have been empty at one other time over the years. A mystery!

What made you drain it?

Short answer: 2020 made us drain it. I lost my job in July, we needed to cut back on expenses, so pool maintenance was the first to go. My son and I had long dreamed of draining it to skate, so with everything else happening this year, we just said “Screw it, let’s drain the pool and have some fun!”

Tristen Rennie. Backside grind nose grab

Jeremy Ponce – frontside grind

Seems like it’s been going for a while now, was that your plan?

My plan WAS to let it be a skater for a few months, then demo and redo the backyard. But the sessions we’ve had have been so fun (and can’t demo at this point), I think it will be empty for a while. I’ve been fortunate to have a good friend here in Long Beach, we’ll call him “Jake”, that is tapped into and knows a lot of people in the pool skating scene. I have let him be the “gatekeeper” for coordinating sessions. He is pretty much the reason why the sessions have been so good here. Been a real blessing to witness some amazing skating right in our own backyard in this otherwise weird year. Huge thanks to Jake for making our little “scene” so much fun and special. (Plus, Jake made up a small batch of killer shirts with the Clown Pool logo!)

Jeremy Ponce – Frontside air

California is on lock-down, how are you dealing with Covid and company?

In regards to the pool, we have stopped having sessions for time being (last sessions were before Thanksgiving). Before this though, we were having small sessions, and everyone was extremely respectful and wore a mask. Deeply pained me to have to say no and halt people from coming over, but for the sake of my family’s health and health of others (and well, city and county strongly discouraging gatherings), I have had to do the responsible thing and pause sessions for time being. Pool ain’t going anywhere, though. I’m hoping to start letting people skate again in the new year. Otherwise, our family is all healthy at the moment, but terrified watching infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths soar here in LA county.

Barefoot Mike – Backside tail layback

A new pool in Southern California must get around quick, anyone of interest you would like to mention roll through?

So many rippers in such a short time: Cam Dowse, Adam Benson, Lance Mountain, Josh Borden, Tristen Rennie, Beau Godfrey, Shaun Ross, Robbie Russo, Ronnie Sandoval, Zane Timpson, of course Clayton Graul and Gabe (Channel street builder) for clown placement and patch work. I’m forgetting others, but I’ve truly appreciated being able to meet so many great folks, with the camaraderie and respect everyone has shown.

Do you plan to fill it up for the summer?

Nope. It’s pretty much done being a swimmer.

Clown Pool

Your song playing under the video is awesome, how long have you been doing that?

Thanks! Been playing music for wwwaaaaaay too long, been in some bands no one has heard of. The song in the video, “Take Your Cameras Out“, is something I wrote last year, remixed in the spring and in my opinion, a nice compliment to ripping skating footage. I made my son (Dylan Goddard  do a video for that one. He’s a first year film student at local college and I could not be more proud of how he took the bull by the horns and got this done.

Anything you would like to add?
Thanks for your interest in the pool and I wish anyone reading this a happy and safe holiday season.

Featuring: Tristen Rennie

Clown Pool featured in Ground Flesh – issue #14

Jake Jeffries

Lance Mountain

Clown Pool (mini-edit)

Featuring: Gabe, Clayton, Carlos, Jake and Digger

To listen to more music by Patrick Goddard go to:

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