DIY in Flémalle – Bowl des Trixhes – Belgium

5 years ago, with the help of the Brusk crew, my friends David, Yan and I had the opportunity to participate in the construction of our own dreampark, consisting primarily of a clover-shaped, 7 feet deep pool. Over the years the need for more progressive transition has grown bigger, as well as our experience in DIY projects.

With an initial budget of 5000€ and logistic support of the local municipality (big up to Patrice, Colette and the whole MJ team), we have decided to jump into the construction and see what happens; turning us into heads of the construction site for about 18 days, non-stop.



For the last week, Mike Van den Ouderaa joined us, after he had heard that we were struggling with the lack of appropriate tools for handling concrete. He called up his friends Thierry Brondeel and Ratman from the region of Aalst and their Australian lad Brodie, who happened to be travelling through Europe. Arne Hillerns (2er in Hannover, Pura Pura skatepark in Bolivia) also joined for a day and the last pourings.

Thanks to everybody who came out to help! Blaise, François, Quentin, Shaun, Mahell, Nathan, Roxy, Jean, Seba, Angelo, all the French crew from Angers, and anybody else I couldn’t think of off the top of my head!

And especially Mike because he has taught us so much and given us many great ideas. You rock man! Keep on hand planting any tranny you bump into!

Now enjoy it, ride it and grind it till you bleed or puke!

All pictures by Joran, unless stated otherwise.

All info and more pics on Bowl des Trixhes FB page :

01 Rainy bulldozer

Rainy bulldozer


Blaise wall


Pre paillasse


Hommage to Jay Adams


Fixin tranny


Mike has arrived and concrete too.


Quarter  and coping


Lunch session – Roxy slashin over the stairs


Smooth quarter


Break. Drying crete


Last day – Arne and his wallie


Joran testing the hip.  Photo: Mahell

13 Testing the bump (skater = Bastien - Pic by Nathan Dontaine)

Bastien. Testing the bump.  Photo: Nathan Dontaine


Francois. FS air in the bowl. Photo: Nathan Dontaine

15 Nice help from Mike, Ratman, Thierry & their Australian friend

Nice help from Mike, Ratman, Thierry & their Australian friend Brodie.

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