Spring arrives in Köln, Germany

Lohse Ramp
March 18th, 2010
The first really nice “Springtime” weather hit Cologne and the locals at the Lohseramp came out in full force, like a reunion after a long, wet, drunken winter. Early in the day a few of us swept and mopped the winter muck and dust off the ramp. With the winter of roadtrips to distant indoor skate spots finally over, it felt great to skate the local ramp for a change. Unfortunately, sunset comes too early at this time of year….


Laurent with a big-stale-fish over the hip.

Laurent front blunt

Laurent - front blunt over the hip

Johnny and Dog

Johnny with the classic butt shot and his dog.

Jan Wermes

Jan Wermes - clowing around with a FS air

Jan Wermes air to Fakie

Jan Wermes - Air to Fakie

Tobi Hees - 5-0

See that gas station in the background? You can buy beer there. 1 euro 10 for a big beer. Not only is it allowed to drink beer at a public skate ramp in Germany, it is also recommended.
Tobi Hees, 5-0 up the escalator to the hip(per).

Photos: Roadie