Felem DIY – Bangkok, Thailand

Tsuyoshi from Felem Skates from Japan went to Bangkok a few months ago week with his friends Shou and Haruki (Gashon) to build a skate spot. Unfortunately, right when they arrived an early season monsoon stormed through the area. Never mind… the sun’s heat after the rain is intense and dries everything up so they can build in the evening.

Update June 16th, 2013:
The bowl is done!

The bowl is private, but if you want the chance to skate go to Nagiya restaurant and ask the owner for the location!




Street area. Bangkok Felem DIY.

Street area. Bangkok Felem DIY.

Tsuyoshi from Felem arrived in Bangkok with Xiang and Gashon to build some concrete.

Building between periods of heavy monsoon rains!

Building between periods of heavy monsoon rains!

Trying to keep the spot dry so they can continue to build!

Ready to work in the evening after the rain stops!

After the heavy rain the heat turned on so they could finish the quarter and the flat bottom.

After the heavy rain the heat turned on so they could finish the quarter and the flat bottom.



Check back here tomorrow for more updates, and also check out the Felem Blog: blog.felem.com

8 thoughts on “Felem DIY – Bangkok, Thailand

  1. What’s up. I live in Portland and just got a ticket to visit Thailand in Nov. The pictures of this spot look fukin sick and I wanna skate it when I’m there if possible. Please email me and I hope we can shred!

    after a morning of seeing videos of Brazilian people chanting “No Violence” while being shot with rubber bullets, and photographs of Turkish police adding pepper spray to water canons, it does my soul good to see positive actions in the world too.
    Keep building, keep learning, keep living free.

  3. This is really fun looking! I’m from Canada gonna be in Bangkok in November as well. I’m sure you won’t tell me where it is because I wouldn’t but I will find this and skate it! Good job dudes

  4. Please Sent me the Adresse from this Bowl i Star in Bangkok UPS to thuesday search about skateparks.i am the Ofenrost search and destroy Berlin the Ölpest skateshop in town call me or Sent me an Adresse please an Oldtimer wants to Skate Tanks Klaas
    Phone in Thailand 0984951179 in Germany +491752998004

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