Confusion Videos

A Galiza!

Filmed /edited by @salba_sauce Featuring @benbotta @saxonrivero @freeomvr @mateopelopelo @salba_sauce


Filmed / edited by Nimst0ne

Cruise and Booze 2022

Wonderland in Christiania, Denmark. Filmed by Ben Daeleman. Edited by Bastiaan van Benthem. Event organized by Nicola Debernardi + Wonderland

American Trip 2022

Skaters: Sean Ellis Johnson @poolrebel2.0 Johnny Abernathy @j_b_b_r Thomas Andre and Josh Kidd @__fanja_ Filmed / edited by Thomas Andre @lourdeurdevivre


OH DEE: Part 7

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Travis Clark, @poser_dispozer, Nic Rivera,@kevdlew, @virginiaben, @sean_grohs, @skol_banditt, @lukasjmann,@aminipanini, Devon Cooper, @dretattoo


“With pleasure I leave here another video of mine, made by a great friend (Alessandro), I will never forget what I experienced during all these recordings, moments that only skateboarding can bring, I thank all those who were present and for the motivation they brought, in particular I also thank Skate for making my life different.”

OH DEE: Part 6

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Tristan Rennie, Cam Noren, CJ Collins,Aaron Yant, Duje Dragoyevich, Eric Hutch, Devon Cooper and Gabe Molinar


Monolito is curb that built by a bunch of skaters and left at29 de Março Square, our second home in Curitiba.
Filmed by theFILMERD


Filmed by Quentin Larrede.Edited by Lucas Dussans. Skaters: Léo Pottié, Tom Barthelemy, Milo Gueret, Baptiste Lebastard, and Lucas Dussans

ST. MARX DIY – Vienna, Austria

Featuring David Bachl plus David Thaller and Jakob Kristoferich Filmed by Max Haidenthaller

Backyard Club Bowl (Witte Wolk) – Belgium

Filmed and edited by Koen Van den Broeck

OH DEE: Part 5

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Matthew Wilcox, Azaf Soubervielle, Nolan Mline, Tye Testerman, Devon Cooper, and Michael Kawanaka

Schetg Gru mini madness – Laax, Switzerland

Filmed / edited: @yvesmarchon // motivators: @schetggru

OH DEE: Part 4

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Jesse Lindloff, Tristan Rennie, Patrick Ryan, and CJ Collins.

OH DEE: Part 3

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Andiey Lerma, Matthew Wilcox, Nic Rivera, Cam Noren, Greg Moran, and Brandon Biegas.

OH DEE: Part 2

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Andiey Lerma, Hayden Cochren, Cam Noren, Dakota Viveiros, AJ Rosete, Daniel Luna, Devon Cooper, Sarah Mcfarlane and Michael Kawanaka.

OH DEE: Part 1

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Andiey Lerma, Matthew Wilcox, Dakota Viveiros, Malachi Riley, Nolan Mline, Devon Cooper and Michael Kawanaka.

WSVT Halloween party 2022

Filmed / edited by @josh_heath

Padless Kneeslide featuring Wyatt Wisenbaker

@wyattwisenbaker @SpeedlabWheels

SISU: a Finland vacation 🇫🇮

Jojo Caralho spent two weeks camping around Finland this summer. From Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku, Hanko and Mikkeli it was a blast. Kiitos Finland.

Cruzade Skateboards – “The Tournament 2022”

The Tournament 2022 in Ramputene DIY, under the bridge in San Sebastian, Basque country.

John Worthington is Pro for Creature Skateboards!

WHAT REMAINS – “Lost Soul skateboards” (full video)

Featuring Irving Juarez, Ray Gurz, Tyler Zosky, Yuh Yanagimachi, James Lindenmuth, Anthony Hartzog, Takuya “BG” Miyauchi, Jeremy Schreiber, Kylie Scharer and a ton of friends and family.

Danny Darkness – The Haunting

Like a bat outta hell, @dannydarknessx comes back with another part!
Filmed by @thanksfool and @brucerodela


Filmed by Carly Cunningham. Edited by Garrett Kilbarger and Carly Cunningham

Mit dem SEV nach BZ

For the Bautzen Video “mit dem sev nach bz” we took the train and checked out some spots on the way to Bautzen DIY spot jam in east Germany where it mostly rained all weekend, but there were small slots to skate the diy. Filmed / edited by Eier Schecke

PUTA CALOR – Antiz Skateboards

War, Economic Recession, Limits of Industrialization, Global Warming, Fires, fucked up 2022.
Filmed by @011sabink Directed by @frenchfred & @maarko.phntm // @antizskateboards


Adriano Alves and Nando at Cherry Bowl DIY – Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Featuring: Adriano Alves (@adrianoalves_114) and Nando (@dr.nabla)
Filmed & Edited: Alessandro Patt (@alessandro_patt)

Schecke 5

Eierschecke SB Crew, from Leipzig/Dresden in Germany skate the home spots and head off to Kassel, Weimar, Genova, Brescia and the Leipziger DIY Spot Giesser, among other spots. Edited by Eier Schecke

Hanging out with Eric

Video series with Eric Hutchinson @erichutch_
Filmed / edited by Chase Langton @chasex10000

Richi Larios

Filmed by: Dídac Baldà


A video by Lucien Parsons documenting their skate trip to Copenhagen, featuring the crew: Bear Myles, Jordan Thackery, Jay Lentern, Jordo Lightower, and Bjorn


Mosty, meaning bridges in Czech, is the new video of the crew around Prague’s skateshop called

Basque country DIY road trip

This is the story of two friends who have two free days. Their trip was based on the same rules as their last road trip: “skateparks are good, but DIYs are better.” So they decided to drive down to the french and spanish basque country. Skaters: @crailusss @ssagazzz Association: @ariskateboard


Filmed by Marek “Mitch” Lovás & Mirek Kvapil. Edited by Marek “Mitch” Lovás

The Dark Side of the Moose

Filmed on location at some of the south’s crustiest bowls and parks by Darwin and Danny Bulmer of Moose Skate Shop

Myllyn Pikkujoulut

Summer weekend in beautiful Havumäki ranch in Finland. Film/edit: Antti Salonen

TJ Schick – Cal Skate pool part

Filmed by @deandickinson_ & @insunandmoon

Danny Darkness – “Bat Country”

Skating by @dannydarknessx for Darkness is down with Confusion! He clears the smoke, finally puts the bottle down and gets to work. Filmed by @brucerodela Co-featuring @jesseboudreau

Erick Gaba Hernandez – “Ni una mas!”

Independent video part by @skatanvision recorded in Zapopan, Guadalajara and Bahía de Banderas Nayarit.

Chudaloo – Bellyskates

Disgusting skate parasites bring forward a propaganda film for their ethereal leader Bellyful Skates. Grab a beer, roll a cig and burn your eyes out on the pestilence. @bellyful_skateboards


Hiroshima DIY spots built by DLS crew
Video by Junya Nagashima / Hardcore Magazine

Jay Fairman “mini part”

Edited by Conor Holliday. Music by Loserfur “White Horse”. Filmed by Jeff Biedenbach, Oliver Whitelaw, Conor Holliday, Steven Page and Jacob Rexroat

No Sleep Till Dorset

video / edit by Tom Leigh

No Shitting Please – OAKLAND DIY

Filmed and edited by @4wbs

Bridge Burnin

Jonas U. Bünger (Ginger), Bjørn Lillesøe, Lukas Lundgaard Olsen, Sebastian La Cour, Søren Noe and Nicky Guerrero. Filmed by Johan Benda

The Ampt Video – Celebrating 20 years of Ampt skateshop in Arcata, California

Filmed and edited by Nick Kraus, featuring all the good homies up here in Humboldt.

Greifswalder DIY – Berlin

Filmed and edited by Martin Melior


The debut installment of Tyler Wherley’s @tylerwherlz “The Cruise Never Stops” series. A homie video filmed over the past three years featuring Eric Hutchinson, Spicy Boys, Emilio Bellomo, Josh Mattson, Aaron Ingram, Sean Plundeke, Kenny Goodman, Tyler Stonestrom, Nate Recine, and many more.

Bridge footage – W.S.V.T

Filmed by Carly Cunningham (@carlycunningram) from September 2018 – September 2022. Edited by Garrett Kilbarger (@transformosaurus_rex)


This bowl was built by the Concrete Dreams crew in a squat in Melle in an old swimming pool with the original pool coping to make some proper noise! Filmed / edited by Harry Billiet

Sugar Town

A video by Lucien Parsons. Featuring: Tobias Moors, Bear Myles, Tom Kinmon, Henry Gibbs, Jay Lentern, Jordan Lightowler, Will Stradling, Jake Spencely. Bristol, UK.

Greg Pachell – shop rats

Greg Pachell @oldgingerbastard and the Zembo skate shop team rats shredding the mini ramp. Filmed by Kenny Zhuo

Manos Sucias: 7PM Tijuana

Filmed / edited by Tyler Hopkins @gonecemental
Featuring Malachi Riley, Archer Braun and Griffin Clingman at Manos Sucias

Pouring in the Wild with Clayton Graul

Clayton Graul has made it his mission to give back to the world of skateboarding, learn more about how he got into DIY and what it means to him. Video by Common Youth

COROLLA TRIP: Village Skateboards

Village Skateboards (@village.skates) is about hand shaping boards, screwing plywood together, drinking beer, grinding pool copings and pouring concrete.


Video edit by Julien Papen

The Neighbour’s View – DIY backyard ramp – Copenhagen, Denmark

Skaters: Fridrik Bodilsen, Bjørn Lillesøe, Luke Rasch and Jonas “Ginger” Bünger.
Filmed / edited: Antonio Piepo.

Underground of the Blood – Adriano Alves

Sin Ollie 6 – Javier Saavedra

Filmed by: Nahikari Pérez and Jose Luís Ouzande


Filmed / edited by @ariskateboard

Just in Time

Spots skated by Dallas Rockvam, Lorenz Schneider, David Bachl, Stjepan Lovrich and Niki Katranas. Edited by David Thaller. Artwork by Lorenz Schneider

Hyppyri – The Air Maker

Penna and Kymis build up a jump ramp and were testing it. The first jump got a way further than expected! Video by Kymäläinen & Salisma Art Production. @countryboys_original

Wald 2021 Summer Tour

Featuring Fulvio Vignolo, Federico Fontanella, Liam Galli, Carlo Schievano, Alessandro Bruno and Roberto “Spesso” Sacchetti.

Bollerdamm – bridge over troubled quarters

Filmed and edited by Christoph Stiller.


Starring: Hinano Kusaki, Shinichi “buc” Sakurai and Guy Kameyama. Filmed/Edited: Junya Nagashima

Yeah Roy! Skating, Squatting, and Music in Melbourne

In 2012, a group of skaters and BMX riders from Fitzroy, Melbourne built skateparks inside abandoned buildings. This documentary follows their squatting days, featuring some of Melbourne’s best skaters, local bands and underground parties. Skating from: Aladdin, Alexi Dowley, Will Hine, Happy, James Wright, Josh Rouillon, Brett Royden and many more. Music by: Ghetto Ghetto and The Teenage Mothers. Film made by Tom Mac (@olddogmcgoverny)

Bellyful skAtes at Henderson ramp

Filmed / edited by Rory Gibbs


Bryan Arbol – “Hangar 19” Aysha Skateboards Video Part

Filmed and edited by Gonzalo Gomez Gaete (@gonzhop)

the boys in colorado

Filmed and edited by Carly Cunningham. Skaters: Ryan Cardone, Chuck Pontone, Gavin Rosenberg, Jaeson Manzanares, Jeff Rasp, Jesse Scelso, Adam Mercado, Mike Jones, Zach Cusano, Jordan Beverly and Timmy Stevens.

Slab City

Documenting the Rerun Sale and skate event at the brand new Slab City, Canvas Park, at Dean Lane Skatepark. Featuring: Bear Myles, Pete Gronau, Keen Will, Sox, Tom Kinmon, Pat Cog, Wes Morgan, Gill Amos and many more. Filmed & edited by Lucien Parsons.

RKLG – Lyhäri (2021)

RAMP DOGZ SUMMER TOUR 2021 Pt2.- Eastern Finland. Rippers:Seppo, Rasmus, Viki, Alppe, Teemu, Kisvonen, Heini, Jerkku, Santtukukko, Lasvo, Käre, Sanders, Jose, Tonni, Ahto, Stedi & Luu. Edit: Aleksi Martikainen.

Ingo Fröbrich’s “50 is just a number” – vert part

Celebrating German vert skater Ingo Fröbrich turning 50 years old!
Filmed and edited by Dennis Harwardt.

The Chamrousse DIY project

This summer, an army of skate masons from all over Europe gathered in Chamrousse in the French Alps to voluntarily complete the third phase of construction of its DIY skatepark. They took the opportunity to test and approve their work as shown in this video – DIY holidays for a good cause in partnership with Wonders Around the World, Totem Chamrousse and M16 LPTB. Video / Edit: Adrien Motte

JOSH HEATH – “Must’ve been high”

“Compilation of clips of Josh Heath ranging from around 10 years back (2011-2021), all the way up to a couple weeks ago, a decade of Seek & Destroy, released today on his 45th birthday.”

For more skate videos check the CONFUSION VIDEO ARCHIVE.

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