Confusion Videos

Belco Bowol 2024 – Canberra, Australia

Filmed by @dvdbaker @autobahns__

Nicky Guerrero – 46 years of Skateboarding

Filmed / edited by Johan Benda

DVD on the run: summer 2023

Filmed / Edited by David Kendlbacher

Endleess Vacation: video in progress

Video by Blitzkrieg skateboards. Edit by Koen Van den Broeck

Skaters: Louis Belckx, Toon Dierckx, Tom Nijs, Jeff Gommers, Ratman, David Heylen, Bram Robert, Kevin Grondelaers, Hans Claessens, Alex Raeymaeckers, Jelle Andriessens, Shinto Jungschleger, Maarten de Ryck, Koen Van den Broeck, Jim Cortens

Living from day to daze – Mateusz Kałużny “Kaszkiet” skate part

Filmed and edited by Jan Mioduchowski @janmioduchowski

Elliott Auffray & JoJo Caralho – “At Least We Tried.”
A video from ABS GRENOBLE. Filmed and edited by Adrien Motte

Shetggru mini madness 2023 – Laax, Switzerland

Video by Yves Marchon / Beauregard Films

Stepan Soroka – video part – ” L’Appel Du Vide”

Filmed and Edited by Dustin Harrison

At Least We Tried…

A video from ABS GRENOBLE. Filmed and edited by Adrien Motte

Mooswerk DIY – Bern, Switzerland – Chapter 3

Here we got Jan Hirt, Lenny Koller und Ramon Notz showing you around in the basement. Filmed / edited by @This_vx_is_dead

Burnside Halloween 2023

Burnside turned 33 this Halloween and the celebration did not disappoint. Cheers to everyone who have made things happen under the bridge over the years. Filmed and Edited by Arlan George @dancinlang

Conne Island Halloween Jam – Leipzig, Germany

Filmed / Edited by David Kendlbacher

Korner skate party – Outside DIY – Portugal

Filmed / Edited by Tiago Reis


Shorty homies trip to Tampa. Filmed by Nate Films

WaldTour 2023 – Slovenija

Join us on the 2023 WaldTour as we explore some of the most sought-after DIY skateparks and street spots in Slovenia.


We built another Monolith, combined it with the old one and brought it to some spots for filming the “Halloween special” called Terror Monolitico. Filmed and edited by Giulio Sertori


A project by Matteo Rey for Wald.  Starring: Segio “Giorse” Reinhardt, Michele Bianchini, Matteo Rey. Filmed in Milan, Italy after a thunderstorm that rocked the city.

Glue Bag – เยดโด้

Filmed, animated and edited by Kane Nugent.

Cruzade Skateboards – The Tournament 2023

This happened at The Tournament 2023 in Ramputene DIY. Filmed and edited by Pablo Ribera

Greifi Times 1

Skateboarding in Berlin at Greifswalder DIY 2020 – 2023


For the second year Popeye Skate Club organized the « Feed The Beast » in the south of France. A dirty, raw and juicy concrete beast at a purification plant. An intense egg shaped pipe in the woods only known by a few old locals. Filmed / edited by Cyril Costilhes

Warriors Weekend – Lugano, Switzerland

Video & Edit: Andrés Bignasca


“Feeling anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Do what Eric does, ignore your problems, go skate.”
Starring Eric Hutchinson @erichutch_ Filmed and edited by Chase Langton @chasex10000

El Gochu 2023 – miniramp skate contest – Noreña, Spain

Freakend at Port Land DIY – Basel, Switzerland

Filmed by Elia, Alain and Taro. Edited by Taro.

BocaShiva DIY project – Two Years for Build

Video edit @tonton_margelle_ari_diy DIY association @ariskateboard
Now, after many punk concerts, events, almost all the the abandoned house is skateable from the bedroom, to the hallway, and now there is a bowl in the living room and on the terrace too.


“Gonna Have A Good Day.” An afternoon with the homies at Portland Oregon’s, @Crestondiy
with @crustmaster_johnson @jimmyboyroy @ethanhall @biscuits4president @donovan.rice @josh_heath
Music @Nappyroots // Video @josh_heath

Orcas Redemption 2023

Orcas and Back. 1 week, 12 parks, 10 dips!!! Nothin’ but good times. Dave, Krupa, Kyle, Shay Hupp, & Jack. Featuring @endless_ride @cmkrupa @kyle4nier @huppnstuff @davidfallisart

Noah Johnson “Smash and Grab” video part

Smash and Grab with Noah Johnson @crustmaster_johnson
Filmed by Gabe Stoltz, Donovan Rice & Ross Dordan. Edited by Noah Johnson


Filmed and edited by Giulio Sertori
Additional footage: Mario de Mari, Ary Neto, Felipe Barbugiani and Olavo Andreucci.

Weekend in the Woods – Bowl the Chamrousse

Skate and Tritons – Bowl the Chamrousse – 15.07.23. Skaters: Kid Oost @kidoost
Eliott Barral @eliott__barral Jean Pantaleo @jeanpantaleosk8 Jeroen Bruggeman @cheersbeers__
Filmed by @tamarero @dvdbaker

GoodBuddy Skateboards Team

Team: Arman Dayani, Adrian Bueno, Brandon Perelson, Garrett Kilbarger, Garrett Kilbarger, D’Angelo “Shteelo” Barr, Trevor Bradbury, Tate Kim. Guest rider: Josh Mattson. Additional filming: Eric Walder. Film & Edit: Josh Heath. Music: The Devil Makes Three “Aces and Twos”.

Weekend in the Woods – Bowl the Chamrousse

Skate and Tritons – Bowl the Chamrousse – 15.07.23. Filmed by @tamarero @dvdbaker

Arne Fiehl vom BOARDSTEIN in South East Asia 2023

Shitty tricks on shitty spots. Arne Fiehl vom BOARDSTEIN on his latest mission. Building the first public skatepark in Lao and travelling and skating Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Thailand for nine weeks…


The “widely anticipated curb skating extravaganza.” Creativity, innovation, style, power, finesse, and old dudes loitering in empty parking lots, this video has it all!!!

Featuring Collin Burke, Joe Jackson, Robbie Rodriguez, SlappyBoyz crew from Hamburg Germany, Slappy Sundays Virginia Beach, Luke Paul, Nolan York, Yuta Machida, _ PEEPTHIS _ from Japan, Chris Flores, and many more!!!

Music by DJ Furio, Troglodyte the Neanderthal, Regal Beagle, Breach, 69-Dudes, Ratskate aka Mikey Polen, Kbeatz, and Indigo.

Daniel Ferrero – The New Reborn

Three countries, four cities, eight months of filming and a torn ligament – mix it with an ever-growing fetish for virgin crusty terrain and you get Daniel Ferrero’s new part.

Fiskal ParaDIYz

A little place of heaven where you find nothing but good vibes and new projects still coming! Video / edit Awal-P


Greifswalder DIY. Berlin, Germany. Filmed / edited by: Charly Riege @f1shtitties

Asfalto Skateboards – Availer

Filmed in Guadalajara and Mexico City with Hi-8 and VX1000 video cameras. Filming by Raúl Alcalá, Dom Díaz and Sofía Gómez.
Editing by Raúl Alcalá. Skaters in order of appearance: Luis Padilla, Dom Díaz, Raúl Alcalá, Mich Lozano. @asfalto.skateboards

Team Trouble 2023 – Video recap
Cameras: Pierre Pauselli @funisdead / Shqipron Bobaj @bobaj / Jon Wolf @jon__wolf / Yves Marchon @yvesmarchon. Edit: Sean Nguyen @seantoe.

Daniele Galli – Frisco x Spitfire part

Filmed by Simone Pastore. Daniele is 43 year old skateboarder from Italy who founded, fixed and skated most of these spots mostly around Bergamo where he lives. His part is supported by Frisco Shop and Spitfire wheels (Samurai Dist).

Snicl Tour 2022

Riders: Gregor Skok, Barbara Pecar (Barby), Vid Svetlin & Murh. Edit: Murh

Jet Inn Pool by ‘OGB’

“This short is about one of the longest running pools skated in Los Angeles, California skateboarding history. It’s not around anymore. This is a classic tribute piece on some of its pinpoint histories and thriving sessions. Starring: Bruce Thomas, Jesse Martinez, Blake Spinak, Pat Olsen, Mike O’ Leary, Dave Mollin + more. Filmed / edited by Bart Saric.


Jean Jaques Family Tour – Into the Alps

Jean Jaques Family Tour filmed in summer 2022 by Benne Daeleman.

Brainless Skateboards: King of the Road

Filmed at La Digue DIY in Toulouse, France on October 13, 2022. Featuring: Manuel Gomez, Thomas André and Noa Marchetti. Music: Fu Manchu “King of the Road”.


Filmed by ALBERTO DELLA BEFFA and more. Directed by JULIEN BACHELIER. Edited by FRENCH FRED. Art Direction by MAARKO PHNTM


Transition, Street, Indy Skate Video filmed in Tirol, Austria at the Landhausplaza, The Cradle Skatepark, Wörgl DIY, Oetz DIY and Streetspots in Innsbruck, Salzburg and Saalfelden. Filmed and edited by David Kendlbacher @dvdbaker


Video by Antti Salonen / Veto Underground. Supported by Windmill Skateco and Windagram Hardware Soundtrack by Ville Nieminen & Ere Pessala

Rozkurwiel Tour XIII 2022

Video by Strejli

Preserving History Through Print With Kevin Marks

Take a deep dive into the life of the self proclaimed skateboard historic preservationist Kevin Marks, founder of Lookback Library. Kevin has made it his mission to collect and share all things in print, involving skateboarding. Filmed and edited by Xander Robertson for Common Youth Brand.


Recorded at Praça 29 (CWB) in Brasil. Featuring: Felipe Barbugiani, Mario Kreb, Renato Souza, Olavo Andreucci, Giulio Sertori, Luiz Gaida, Matheus Luz,Percy Jr. and Imad Hamdar. Film/Edit: Giulio Sertori.

Ritual IV – Cameron Targosz

Cameron Targosz’s Part in Ritual IV, the fourth full length film produced by Ritual Skateboards out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
To watch Ritual IV in its’ entirety, go here.

Warriors Family – “Ancora Senza Tempo”

More info aabout the video here.

Cretin Family – Blitzkrieg Skateboards (Belgium)

The first video of Belgium’s fun loving skater boys Blitzkrieg skateboards! Edited by Koen Van den Broeck.

A Galiza!

Filmed /edited by @salba_sauce Featuring @benbotta @saxonrivero @freeomvr @mateopelopelo @salba_sauce


Filmed / edited by Nimst0ne

Cruise and Booze 2022

Wonderland in Christiania, Denmark. Filmed by Ben Daeleman. Edited by Bastiaan van Benthem. Event organized by Nicola Debernardi + Wonderland

American Trip 2022

Skaters: Sean Ellis Johnson @poolrebel2.0 Johnny Abernathy @j_b_b_r Thomas Andre and Josh Kidd @__fanja_ Filmed / edited by Thomas Andre @lourdeurdevivre


OH DEE: Part 7

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Travis Clark, @poser_dispozer, Nic Rivera,@kevdlew, @virginiaben, @sean_grohs, @skol_banditt, @lukasjmann,@aminipanini, Devon Cooper, @dretattoo


“With pleasure I leave here another video of mine, made by a great friend (Alessandro), I will never forget what I experienced during all these recordings, moments that only skateboarding can bring, I thank all those who were present and for the motivation they brought, in particular I also thank Skate for making my life different.”

OH DEE: Part 6

Filmed / edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Tristan Rennie, Cam Noren, CJ Collins,Aaron Yant, Duje Dragoyevich, Eric Hutch, Devon Cooper and Gabe Molinar


Monolito is curb that built by a bunch of skaters and left at29 de Março Square, our second home in Curitiba.
Filmed by theFILMERD


Filmed by Quentin Larrede.Edited by Lucas Dussans. Skaters: Léo Pottié, Tom Barthelemy, Milo Gueret, Baptiste Lebastard, and Lucas Dussans

ST. MARX DIY – Vienna, Austria

Featuring David Bachl plus David Thaller and Jakob Kristoferich Filmed by Max Haidenthaller

Backyard Club Bowl (Witte Wolk) – Belgium

Filmed and edited by Koen Van den Broeck

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