Baum’s Ramp – Aachen, Germany

The history of the mini-ramp:

“For more Concrete“, that was the slogan for the party last year.

The plan was to build a mini with Pudi‘s pool coping and have a  party for more concrete.

After the party we kept the door open and had the ramp in the bunker and had a place to skate for the winter and we organized some parties and concerts. A skateboard cafe was open one day in the week. Over the winter, after some sessions, we switched some things at the mini for more really high speed lines and more fun!

Thanx to everyone who helped and a special thanks to Carhartt.

Skate and Create,


Editors note: this is old text, and video footage from over a year ago I just now edited, with photos from the party session and others that Baum sent. The ramp no longer exists, things didn’t work out at the Autonomes Zentrum (basically a community squat) location and it’s over. It was nice while it lasted. Thanks to Baum for building something for the German (and Belgium) skateboarders so they have a place to skate in the winter and for currently building concrete parks for everyone to enjoy the rest of the year.

Barna. Frontside air transfer.

Martin Huppertz. Backsmith over the mini death box cut into the plywood.

Oh no, what a disaster!! He broke his board.

Barna. Crailslide on the extension sliding across Pudis Pool coping

Backside disaster. Martin Huppertz

Lennart Kiepe. Ollie to fakie.

Blunt to fakie.

Phillip. Frontside pivot to fakie.

Tim Hachen. Tailslide on the plywood lip.

Brusk Crew: Mike, Stephan and friend.

All photos above: J. Hay
All b&w photos below: Torde

Baum. Pivot to Fakie. Photo: Torde

Baum. Photo: Torde

As you can see, the ramp was custom modified after the skate party session, for more speed!

Winter indoor skate ramp benefit party for summer concrete outside fun!

Concrete corner quarter pipe with bottle cap tiles

Our gracious host and More Concrete organizer: BAUM

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