Blazing upstream and straight into the upper pocket, the Cachagua Land mastermind butchers the block with a prime nose blunt slide

The (almost) Complete Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots (part 2)

Cachagua Land is a must ride! Unbelievable vibe, killer area and the best hosts around. Sweet thing is you don’t need to know anyone to get in, all’s you do is make a reservation and your guaranteed to sesh. Not sure if it is, but I believe Cachagua Land to be the only Airbnb DIY destination in the world?…

Ryan Carpenter. Front smith in the Bird Bath.

The (almost) Complete Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots (part 1)

“I could say I remember it like it was yesterday but that would be a lie – in fact it seems like a lifetime ago. No smartphones, no email, weed was illegal no matter what your doctor cared to write, and the strippers had zits on their asses in Portland. Looking back it seems like 1995 was a completely different world than what exists today. I mean shit was real seedy back then and modern day terms like gentrify just weren’t in the average American’s vernacular. But even without the aid of booking flights and hotels online and the fantasy of transporting legal weed we somehow still made it to Burnside that summer because we fucking had to. “Build it and they will come” may be a corny ass line from a Kevin Costner movie but in the case of the granddaddy of DIY, it’s pretty much the way it was…” – Bruce Rodela

Adam Benson. Tailslide. Photo: Patty Fang

The Bird Bath – San Francisco, California

SCUM Skates BBQ session at Aaron Hazlewood’s bowl in San Francisco, California. Featuring Scum team riders Adam Benson and Devin Scott + friends.