Gaza city skatepark

A skatepark for Gaza
“On the 27th of december 2018 the Gaza Freestyle Festival crew will be back in Gaza to finish the skatepark we began eight months ago. In the following videos you’ll see the story of our last mission in March.

Essentially Gaza strip is the last autonomous shred of Palestine: 365 square kilometers, 1.800.000 people, besieged by a 10m high and 20m deep concrete wall, provided with barbed wires and snipers… in March, while we were working there, tens of unarmed civilians died at this border during the “Return march” protests.

Gaza FREEstyle Festival – We’re coming back!

Our objective has always been the same: share a fragment of our free culture with a land that suffer martyrdom and torture every day.

Skateboarding saves lives: in Gaza this handhold could be essential.

We want to transform the ruins of Gaza slaughter in a skatepark. That’s why for fifteen days, starting from the 26 of December, we’ll be back in Palestine to trowel concrete with our local friends. Our target is to finish the local park of the most bombed and tortured metropolitan areas in the world.

To make it we need to buy concrete, gravel and steel: we already have wheelbarrows, shovel and trowels, the elbow grease will be ours.

We opened a crowdfunding page to collect some of the money we need to build the best we can. If you have some spare change in your credit card, please share it with us for something serious and beautiful!”  – GAZA FREESTYLE FESTIVAL

Here’s the link to support our crowdfunding:

Stay human.
Skate or die!

Road to Gaza Freestyle Festival 2018

Additional video from MilanoinMovimento

3 thoughts on “Gaza city skatepark

  1. You guys suck !!! Lame skateboard mag ! Did you mentioned that the people at Gaza Strip chose hamas ( a terrorist organization) to rule the Gaza Strip … any mag that take side is total shit. 🤙🤙🤙 enjoy your week cockfuzine

  2. Skateboarding is for the people. Everyone. Not for the political bullshit. Many would argue that the Israeli state is a terrorist organization, stealing land from the Palestinians. Building skateparks should be supported. They aren’t for the governing bodies, they are for the people.

  3. Long live ISRAEL!!!
    the gaza pepole chose hamas terrorists to control gaza.
    even between hamas and abu abas there is no peace…even their “brothers” on the west bank hates hamas.

    the gaza citizens can blame ONLY themselves….

    and b.t.w you are a skate mag?
    why deal with politics?


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