RIP Ride Rally

The Independent Trucks RIP Ride Rally went off  last weekend in Lincoln City, Oregon. The weekend was full of next level skating at the Lincoln City Park along with a session at Red’s, all in honor of Mark Hubbard, Preston Maigetter, and Jake Phelps. Epic times skating and hanging with skateboarders from all over the world. Hundreds of people came out to watch the madness. There is no doubt in my mind that Monk, P-Stone, and Phelps would have been stoked on everything that went down.

Words and photos by Taylor Ballard

Roman Pabich. Fastplant varial

Cory Juneau. Frontside Rock n Roll slide

Adam Hopkins. Method

Danny Tumia. Texas Plant

Jesse Lindloff. BackTail

Cedric Pabich. Stand up frontside grind revert

Marcel Martinez. Indy air

Josh Dirksen. Nosepick

Keegan Palmer. Frontside air

Jake Selover. Andrecht

Marcel Martinez. Melon grab smith

Vi Kakino. Boneless

Keenan Witte. Frontside air

Kevin Kowalski. Andrecht transfer

Jesse Lindloff. Layback

Lucas Miller. Frontside grind

Kevin Kowalski. Backside air truck bonk

Skyler. Sweeper

Vi Kakino. Backsmith

Jesse Lindloff. Invert Fakie

Marcel Martinez. Grind

Xavier. Invert

Alex Morgan. Smith grind

Chris Russell and Evan Smith

Evan Smith. Nosegrind

Jake Wooten. Frontside ollie transfer

Adam. Tuck knee invert.



Eman. Drop.


Erik. Bail

Adam Hopkins

Jon. 50-50.

Guardians of the Launch ramp

Lucas. Melon grab

Red’s compound

Riley Stevens. Rail transfer

Roman Pabich. Hill bomb

Simon. Hill bomb


Simon. Melon grab

Simon. Pole jam

Simon getting tossed