Red Wheel Society: A Global Awareness Campaign to Help Empower Homeless Youth in Bangladesh

Red Wheel Society: A Global Awareness Campaign to Help Empower Homeless Youth in Bangladesh

An inspiring global initiative called The Red Wheel Society is being taken by the NGO, Bangladesh Street Kids Aid (BSKA). BSKA is aiming to strengthen the global unity in skateboarding and to raise awareness about their innovative skateboarding and educational programs in Bangladesh.

BSKA believes all children have the right to experience a joyful childhood. But reality often proves us wrong. Many children in Bangladesh are excluded from education and recreation because of their origin. More than 1.5 million children live and work on the streets of Bangladesh. They are physically, mentally, and emotionally mistreated and forgotten by society. BSKA’s mission is to help the vulnerable, street-based youth of Bangladesh realize their enormous potential. They are reaching the children who have fallen through the gaps of existing services by connecting with them in a playful way. BSKA is also taking the responsibility of providing them with food, housing, access to education, and medical care. By introducing them to skateboarding, we are giving these kids an opportunity to become part of a strong global community in which they get a voice and can finally be seen. Skateboarding is more than just a sport for street children in Bangladesh. BSKA’s skate sessions are a safe space for self-expression, where children make all the decisions and gain confidence in themselves. Skateboarding for them is self-determined action and freedom.

The characteristic of the Red Wheel Society is just one red wheel. The red sphere on the flag of Bangladesh represents the rising sun, a symbol of hope. We have claimed that symbol and transferred it to skateboarding: While this is just a motif of solidarity, the whole concept will ultimately help children find hope. We want to make a change. But it needs to be a team effort. Skateboarders like Julian Dykmans, Lea Schäfer and Alex Ring already made a start. Now it’s your turn. Click here for more info or if you want to join the Red Wheel Society!

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Lucia Soltmann. Boardslide

Red wheel society

Julian Dykmans. Backside boardslide

Julian Dykmans. Frontside ollie at Greifswalder DIY

Julian Dykmans. Wallride at Greifswalder DIY in Berlin, Germamny

Red Wheel Society skaters

Red Wheel Society skater

Red Wheel Society

Red Wheel Society skater

Red Wheel Society skater

Maya and Benicio

Empowering vulnerable youth


Michael Bär. Backside 5-0

Bangladesh Street Kids Aid