Las Chicaz in the Nude

This year ‘Las Chicas’ had their gathering at the one and only Nude Bowl in desert hot springs. All crews had their tents pitched up and got ready to shred. On the first day during the day the skate conditions were favorable, but on the second day the afternoon clouds rolled in and light droplets of H2O started to come down and were persistent all through the night.

Santi. Backside ollie in the corner. Rekalde pool. Photo: Alain Goikoetxea.

Rekalde Pool – Basque Country

Some friends of La Kantera went to visit the owner of Crossbone handmade skateboards and this pool near there house. A pool with natural water from the river. It was difficult to skate because it was wet, but this is our first trip to this pool, we want dry it, and skate it again!