Las Chicaz in the Nude

This year Las Chicaz had their gathering at the one and only Nude Bowl in desert hot springs. All crews had their tents pitched up and got ready to shred. On the first day during the day the skate conditions were favorable, but on the second day the afternoon clouds rolled in and light droplets of H2O started to come down and were persistent all through the night. At the crack of dawn the rain had gone away leaving the bowl with a considerable amount of rain water. Bucket and garbage can detail started the duty of extracting water and after several hours of hauling buckets and garbage, can loads of water and drying the bowl with blowers and blankets , “las chicaz” proceeded to pay tribute to this iconic skate spot.

Article by John Aguilar
Photos by Olga Aguilar

Julz Lynn. Frontside air in the Nude.

Abnormal rain showers through the night in the desert.

Las Chicaz

Jen Rusen. Crail grab

Nina Aguilar.

Natalie Krishna. Backside grind

Di’Orr Greenwood

Natalie Krishna. FSA

Julz Lynn air over the death box.

Jessie Frietze.

Julz Lynn. Frontside grinding the deep end of the Nude

Las Chicaz


The Nude

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