Words by Kobi / Szrot zine

A night before the tour I had a dream: Christian Hosoi was sitting on my balcony and eating bananas with peanut butter. I bought that peanut butter for that upcoming tour. I awoke in shock. I was scared. I checked and the huge jar of peanut butter was still waiting for me. What a relief!

Rozkurwiel Tour XIV – you may not know (but should) participants of that adventure but here they are: Strejli, Mojżo, Kuba Szcz., Moro, Kali, Andrew, Król and myself – Kobi. Let’s get into van.


Day I

Our first spot was IKEA. Remember that, skateboarding will not go anywhere, but warm doggies and clear shit bowl are priceless on such tours.

Karol prepared amazing surprise. Years back we noticed some miniramp in the middle of field. I already forgot about it but this year it was a time to visit that spot. More you can (or will) find at RRL zine!

Photo 1. Mojżo with signature bs boneless. You can only imagine how hot that metal ramp was. Photo – Kuba Wojciechowski

Mojizo with signature backside boneless. You can only imagine how hot that metal ramp was. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski

Later that day we arrived to Budapest and after quick shower we hit a city for Langos, skatepark in the center and some ladges where bums were chilling. As a clasic jerk on the way I did an ollie into crack and a beer in my back pocket exploded. What a morron.


Day II

Time for whole day in Budapest! Never been to Hungary so I was excited. We left our van at camping and take advantage of public transport. There are many cool spots there. Of course we spend most time at typical „it’s probably not so cool but we can warm up there for half of an hour”. Maybe we just need a lot of warm up? No idea.

Every good session starts with nice fiesta. Photo: Kuba Szczesny

Strejli – kickflip over ledge. Photo: Andrew Firago

Kobi. Nose manual. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski

Between some other places we hit some DIY spot and anather langos. Langos is very fat dish so you will have fuel to skate whole day.

Kobi. Feeble over heart. Photo: Andrew Firago

Kali. Backside flip. Photo: Kobi

Andrew powersliding the shit of that pump. Photo: Kobi

Kobi. Back smith. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski

Król. No comply over some junk. Photo – Kuba Wojciechowski


Again, some random banks next to some mud. Guys were not excited but when we started we couldn’t stop. Spot was not the best but Rozkurwiel Crew is not the best either. Oh well.

Kali. Flip to rock. That one was a fight but Kali got the victory! Photo: Andrew Firago

In Slovakia we pay a visit to DIY bowl next to pub. What the fuck? Best idea ever. Bowl skateing and nice mug of beer (or two) is always receipe for success. One of the best spot of the tour.

Two little guys clearing the bowl. If you want to shred you need to sweep. Photo: Kuba Szczesny

Kobi. Bs noseblunt. Photo: Andrew Firago

Day IV

After another IKEA stop on the way to Prage, we hit skatepark so slipper and so full of kids and scooters it was ridiculus. Anyway we spent there some time. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. I was at worse skateparks.

Later after setting our camp we hit classic Stalin. There was also some metal/punk/hc concerts. Nice way to end a day. But it was no over! Due to some unexpected circumstances we visited some crazy skatepark at tunnel. Wow! It was amazing. Session was on fire. We skated till middle of the night.

Photo 13. There is nothing line having some noce breakfast with your homies. Photo – Kuba Wojciechowski

Kobi. Pole jam. Photo: Kuba Szczesny

Strejli with crazy snake boardslide. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski

Kobi. Wallride. Photo: Kuba Szczesny

Day V

As yesterday session was longer than we planned, we decided to give ourselfs some slow start of the day. Sometimes you deserve that. Skateboarding will not go anywhere. Sake to breakfast sharp mi up. Our warm up took place at „U Jirata” beer spot. After that and buying some watermelons we finnaly went to skatepark where it was mostly raining. Rain can’t stop fun so we were good. No worries. To finish that day let me quoute some bum from the tram „skateboarding is not a cream”.

Crew with morning beers in Prague. Photo: Kuba Szczesny

Day VI

Spot next to dam was amazing. That’s about it. Other planned skatepark almost closed already and we had to pay in cash. As it was getting late and no of us had any cash we decided to call it a day.

Król. 50-50 through the kink while Kobi pisses into a cave. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski copy


On the way to 2er Hannover, we stopped at Braunschweig for diy park. Never heared about it before but it was sick! So many options and on the other side of the road was other poor skatepark. Choose your poison.

Kobi. Fs ollie on barrier. Photo: Andrew Firago

And finnaly 2er! The best spot ever. You can’t fuck with 2er. Amazing place, amazing people. There is always something new! I lost another battle with rainbow. That’s almost tradition.

Mojżo and Król went nuts on vert. They were so happy. In Poland we have only 2 vert ramps. For us that’s something tottaly excotic. These two have a chance to became new wave of vertical polish skateboarding.

On another note, at night Drew just did a loop. Just like that. What the fuck?

Mine another tradition at 2er is sleeping in some weird places. This time I choose concrate pipe. I covered my face with sleeping bag so rats can’t eat my face and I survived. And I slept very well.

Kobi build his own spot and hippie jumped it. Photo: Andrew Firago

Mojżesz getting ready for a vert mission. Photo: Kobi

Mojzesz. Slash on vert! Photo: Kobi

Gypsy camp. Photo: Andrew Firago

Kobi’s hole of a night. Photo: Andrew Firago

Andrew – casual full pipe. Photo – Kobi


After morning session on 2er it was time to go. It was my turn to sit behind the wheel so I needed to be very careful not to drink alcohol to breakfast. I managed. Our last stop before going home was Berlin. It was last stop few times already and it’s always a good time.

After check in at 3 Little Pigs hostel and nice rollo, our love parade went to Greifswalder DIY. Amazing place. I started the session with massive slam. I thought it’s over. However after some dwarven potions I gain immortality and I was back in game. End of the session was like in the movie. I did fs grind over tree, jump over spine, give some high fives and lights went off. I almost cried. After few beers we went back tired and happy.

Boys with some dwarven potions

Kobi. Ollie over the spine. Photo: Andrew Firago

There is nothing like having some nice breakfast with your homies. Photo: Kuba Wojciechowski

Kobi. Frontside 5-0 between the trees at Griefswalder DIY in Berlin. Photo: Andrew Firago

Day IX

The end. Time to go home. Nothing really to add. I just would like to thank everyone who jumped in the van. You are the best. It’s a miracle that we made it to number 14, but it’s even a bigger miracle that we didn’t kill each other. We can be proud. Also thanks to anyone who helped us in anyway. Skateboarding is not always skateboarding. Rozkurwiel or Die!

See you next year! Hopefully…

Mucho cheers!

Kobi /

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