Low Holly DIY – Nantes, France

Inspired by Pontus Alv’s concrete sculptures, the first part of this private mini-skatepark began in August 2010, based on night and rainy construction sessions on an rough unused slab of an old farm. It includes several walls, a tall bump, a grindable bank, 2 quarterpipes and a fun pool coping spine in the middle. A corner was just added in august 2012. Low Holy is a nice spot in the middle of nowhere in the northwest part of France, in the city of Nantes, which has already received a lot of visitors and some heavy sessions

Pont Bellevue D.I.Y – Nantes, France (fundraising party)

This Saturday night (June 2nd) there will be a video premiere of “BREATHLESS”, a film by Arthur Bourdaud. The video features a lot of DIY spots so the locals at Pont Bellevue decided to organize a lottery and a fundraiser during the release of the DVD to get money to buy more concrete for their local “under the bellevue bridge” spot.