Mirco Bitterli Frontside Slashing in Helsinki

September Wheels Baltics Tour

The September Wheels summer tour has become a synonym for a great time with friends. This is why no less than 14 people met up in Helsinki last August to skate, eat, drink, sleep in tents and cross the Baltic sea. Somehow we managed to be in Finland for the hottest and sunniest week they had all summer, so we spent our days skating, swimming and sweating.

Team Trouble Contest 2015 – Laax, Switzerland

There’s actually not much to say about this event. Just that its goal is to get together as many good tranny shredders as possible in teams of four. It’s rather a group thing where the teams skating together is better judged than individual skating – therefore some pretty weird combos. And there’s a carnival Friday night where everybody goes, hence the weird costumes on some guys.