Sergej Vutuc “Coincidence” in Japan

Coincidence or maybe just Strong Reaction of my searching to see more to exchange. A few months ago I was planing to do japan tour but nothing, then tokyo happened. But something inside was telling me leave things to happen… so how I chose was to fly and stepping on the far east road… spirit of untitled family friends of friends our friends were there… and I am back to discover something from me to learn many new things. Amazing hospitality!!!

Campo Cuatro Casas: Baja, Mexico

The first time I heard about this magic place called “Cuatro Casas” was in 2009. I met my good friend Jose Noro in San Francisco for a one month road trip with the classic recipe of not having any fixed plans other than to skate, meet old and new friends and to generally see and experience as much as we can. – Lars Greiwe