Greififornia Pool – Opening Party – Berlin

The skate scene in Berlin and around was pretty ready and impatient for this event on September 1st. People visited the pool weeks before it was finished. But after five months of work, we were ready to open it to the public on this Friday afternoon.

Greife Jam – Greifswalder DIY – Berlin, Germany

Of course, the word jam quickly brings to mind a kind of contest in which you can win jam. And so, on a beer-soaked evening, the concept of this year’s contest at the Greifswalder DIY was quickly put together. Ihr Nacken!

Greifswalder D.I.Y. – Berlin, Germany

The landlord didn’t open the place for us on purpose, we we’re just an unpleasant side product that developed without him really recognizing. Now he has obviously recognized, and still tolerates the skaters, not without making things difficult for us, but this is another story.