Team Trouble – Laax, Switzerland – March 2018

“So many tricks went down, so many crazy situations happened.. we had to make a decision in the end so Lovenskate won before Car 13, JeanJaques and the Warriors but actually all eight teams had moments which deserved taking home trophies.. Witnessing it live really is the best way to see it so we really hope you’ll make it next year.”   – Alan Maag

Team Trouble 2018 – Finals – Laax, Switzerland

Filmed and edited by Sean Nguyen and Skibi Bobaj.

Photos  by Alan Maag and Vincent Coupeau

Sam Beckett. Backside wall bash

Alex Hallford. Roofies

Nick Hanson. Front smith

Ben Broyd. Slob plant

Jake Collins. Smith on the judges table

Silvano Deflorin. Mega gap transfer while the spectators look on from outside in the snow

Nick Hanson. Back tail of the judges table

Alex Hallford. Bert Slide

Niki Paltenghi. Slob plant

Pieter DeKlus. Blunt Fakie

Greg Ruhoff over Nick Hanson

Jeroen Bruggemann. Stalefish

Cedric Oosterhoff. Ollie over

Silvano Deflorin. Mega transfer while the spectators watching from out in the snow

Colin Adam. Andrecht

George Poole. Backside air

¿? Backside nosepick

George Poole. Backsmith backside 180 out.

Chloe Bernard. Backsmith

Alex Hallford. Judo air

Sam Beckett. Wall bash

Jordan Thackeray. Stalefish

Niki Paltenghi. Jim Jam

Ben Broyd. Frontside tailbone

Fede Boldini. Iceplant

Colin Adam. Nosepick off the judges table

Alex Hallford. Crail to Fakie

Daniele Lepori. Kickflip in

Jeroen Bruggemann. Handplant

Niki Paltenghi. Slobplant

Jeroen Bruggemann. Board bonk

Greg Ruhoff over Nick Hanson

Fabio Martin. Frontside wallride

Colin Adam. Indy

Cedric Romanens. Frontside layback rock slide

Sam Beckett. Highest air (tied with Alex Hallford)

Alex Hallford. Highest air (tied with Sam Beckett)

Pierre Collombin. Frontside blunt

Jordan Thackeray. Backside noseblunt transfer

George Poole. Backside noseblunt

Fabio Martin. Winner of the highest FRONTSIDE air

Cedric Oosterhoff. Kinda stiffy over the hip

Alex Hallford. FSA

Sam Beckett. Frontside air

Greg Ruhoff. Ringing the bell

Silvano Deflorin. Lien melon

Oli Bürgin. Half Cab

Mikael Den Ouden. Backside melon

Jordan Thakeray. Backside ollie one foot

George Pool. Backside air

Fabio Martin. Finger flip Lien tail

Colin Adam. Judo air

Adrien Marco. Frontside invert

Aaron Wilmot. Tweaked fakie tailblock

Aaron Wilmot. Mute grab

Ben Broyd. Indy fast plant to fakie

Fede Boldini. Tailblock

Nick Hanson. Fakie air

Ben Broyd. Fastplant

Alex Hallford. Inverted with a little help from his Lovenskate friends

Stu on the Judges panel

Jake Collins. Fakie Nosepick

Simone Cera. Stalefish nosepick

Oli Bürgin. Switch frontside rock

Livio Gritti. Blunt Grab Fakie

Jordan Thakeray. Madonna

Jeroen Bruggemann. Handplant

Fede Boldini . One Foot Tailblock

Cedric Oosterhoff. Ollie in

Alex Hallford and Sam Beckett

Team Warriors

Team Warriors #4

Team JeanJaques #3

Team Car 13 #2

Team Lovenskate #1

All photos by Alan Maag and Vincent Coupeau

Team Trouble 2018 – Finals – Laax, Switzerland

Filmed and edited by Sean Nguyen and Skibi Bobaj.