Velbert, Germany – skatepark checkout + mini skate tour

Marc “little swastika” and Alex “rad slash” make a two man mini tour in 72 hours.

“We hit Velbert just after it was finished. There was a big hole in the deep-end that was not closed which limited our lines a little. But overall, the bowl is really nice to skate. Crazy lines with the bump in the middle and a nice mix of different transitions. Pool stones in the deep-end and some stairs in a quick corner.  For sure this was not the last time we will be there…

We were also at the Düsseldorf outdoor park, right after the OMSA session before it got dark. We also hit Eitorf, but early in the morning without sleep and it was full with construction stuff. We were just too lazy to spend an hour removing all the stuff just to ride a few minutes. But we want to hit it the next time….”  – marc

Marc. Getting a FS Rock in the Velbert Overview photo.

Alex. Spine transfer. Velbert.

Marc. FS Smith over the stairs in the super tight corner. Fish eye angle.

Marc. FS smith over the stairs. Alternate long shot angle.

Rad Slash with his trademarked one footed frontside 50-50 grind. This time in the shallow end of the OMSA Pool. Düsseldorf.

Marc. Feeble grind. Düsseldorf outdoor concrete park, well after sunset.

Alex. Sweeping up the park after closing time.

Marc. Heel block in the Owl Bowl. North Brigade, Cologne.

Alex. 50-50 grab in the Owl Bowl. Northbrigade, Cologne.

Last stop on the way home to southern Germany, Alex front side rock under the bridge in Heidelburg, as the tour drew to a close.

Photos either Alex or Marc, depending on if Marc or Alex were skating. No GoPro self glorifying cameras were used in the creation of this article.