Factory Bowl Contest – Düsseldorf [video]

Pavel Skates BEST OF BOTH skateboard competition at the Factory Bowl / OMSA Bowl in Düsseldorf Germany. This video is day one of the competition in the Factory Bowl. Featuring Kevin Wenzke, Jason Parkes, Jan Wermes, Robin Mentrup, Björn Klotz, Wolfangster, Thilo Nawrocki, Ian Dykmans, Julian Dykmans, Danger Dave Martelleur, & Ronnie Yermann. Sponsored by Carhartt and Vans. Filmed & Edited by J. Hay

One thought on “Factory Bowl Contest – Düsseldorf [video]

  1. sick video, sick skating, sick weekend! thank you very much john for visiting us!

    hope we skate some good sessions next time together with the impakt and pavel guys!

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