Simon Karlsson. Frontside feeble grind. Skärpnack, Sweden. Photo: Niemho

Brotherhood Plaza – Skarpnäck, Sweden

Brotherhood Plaza is one of the first skate plazas in Sweden with more than 1600 square meters to skate. With grass gaps, curbs, banks, hips and even a bowl this D.I.Y park is surely worth a visit. With a colorful mix of obstacles the founder, David Krug, in collaboration with Stockholm City and the local community, made sure that there will always be new lines to be discovered at the plaza. With more of an urban vibe going on this plaza is frequently visited and cherished by most skaters in the Stockholm county and also a must tour-stop for skaters passing by in the area code.

Hagen-Haspe skatepark make-over – Germany

Ever since the old funbox in Hagen-Haspe got torn down the park needed a new main obstacle. With the Help of Klaas Kleinschmidt, from the Skateboard e.V. of Hagen, Ur-Haspe local Andre Neubert, and myself, we got the chance to give the park a little make over.

BERGFEST – MONSTER BOWL – July 16th, Münster, Germany

THIS SATURDAY, July 16th in Münster, Germany: BERGFEST – Battle of the Monster Bowl with tons of ripping skaters from all over europe & usa: John Magnusson, Anders Tellen, Jason Parkes, Ben Schroeder, Tim Bijsterveld, Emmanuel Guzman, Max Shrädder, Matt Grabowski,. Not to be missed… get in the car and drive.. (unless you live in USA and Australia or Japan, etc., then you’ll just have to watch the footage coming soon… not next year). And this just in, Pär Mag and Balder Lehmann and some other scandavian dudes will be on deck drinking beers or in the bowl fucking shit up! I guess this post is pointless, because if you don’t know, you’re not going, and if you do, you’re already gonna be there. So click the links and see what you’re missing out on, and wait for the gnar footage coming soon………..