Hagen-Haspe skatepark make-over – Germany

Ever since the old funbox in Hagen-Haspe got torn down the park needed a new main obstacle. With the Help of Klaas Kleinschmidt, from the Skateboard e.V. of Hagen, Ur-Haspe local Andre Neubert, and myself, we got the chance to give the park a little make over.Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-1-neu A new fun box was the goa,l but Haspe needed some more! In two weeks of hard work and with the help of Markus Mhueller (another Ur-local), Janno Schütte and the Haspe Locals the new  fun box and banana corner turned out anything but average.Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-2--neu Fun for miles: London gap / Loveseat, handcrafted California red curb, hips till death, tight volcano hip, bananarama, speed wobble….Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-3The park is located in the Kleinbahnstraße in 58135 Hagen, next to the Mickey-Mouse Pool that Minus Ramps built in 2006, so you have another reason to go to Haspe! Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-4-neu Also check out Markus report about the construction on: www.Mhueller.dewww.mhueller.de/dieses-und-jenes/its-okay/Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-5-neu Thanks to Klaas and the Skateboard e.V., the city of Hagen, Dirk Lücke (StudioL2), Janno, Markus and the Haspe Locals.Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-6-neu Hagen-Haspe is okay!!!Philipp-Fischer---Hagen-Haspe-7-neuFor more information write to:
Words by Philipp Fischer
Photos by Andre Neubert

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