Skarty 2019 – New Jersey

Another year, another Skarty on the vert ramp in Zach Cusano’s parents backyard in New Jersey. Photos by Brandon Monahan and Makph0t0

Skarty 2018

Zach Cusano’s been living in Denver for the past five years or so and twice a year he comes back to New Jersey to visit his family and throw a party on his backyard ramp.

“The Wrong Way To Trip” – Denver Danglers part

The Wrong Way to Trip featuring

featuring nico trevizo, ryan miller, andrew metzger, chris gedney, dante tonella, gavin rosenberg, chuck pontone, alex buncy, mike jones, zach cusano, and many more. runtime: 46 mins. includes a small zine by nico trevizo featuring photos by ryan miller and andrew metzger.