Skarty 2019 – New Jersey

Another year, another Skarty on the vert ramp in Zach Cusano’s parents backyard in New Jersey.

Photos by Brandon Monahan and Makph0t0

Chuck Pontone. Lien air. Photo @makph0t0

Juan @skateinpeace Lien to tail on the tombstone. Photo @makph0t0

Mike Jones. Eggplant. Photo: @makph0t0

Chuck. Sweeper off the tomb stone. Photo: @makph0t0

Zach Cusano. Andrecht. Photo: @branmonahan

Jordan Beverly. Slob Plant off the Tomb Stone @makph0t0

Mike Jones. Channel frontside invert. Photo: Makph0t0

Chuck Pontone. Eggplant on the tombstone. Photo: @branmonahan

@radrib channel frontside air. Photo: @makph0t0

Juan. Frontside Ollie. Photo: @makph0t0

Jordan Beverly invert on the Tomb Stone. Photo: @branmonahanphoto

@_devinflynn frontside nosebone. Photo: @makph0t0

Jordan Beverly. Invert. Photo: Brandon Monahan

Zach with the Pig.

Jordan Beverly. Invert on the tombstone. Photo: @makph0t0

Just before they killed the lights. Photo: @makph0t0

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