Carnival Freak – Ramputene DIY – Donostia, Basque country

Ramputene is an awesome diy spot, located under a bridge in San Sebastian in Basque country, built by locals and in constant progression. The Carnival Freak party had a mini ramp, a pool coping session, a wooden qurterpipe built for the occasion and a concrete extension. They organized the Freakcarnival, a costume session to raise funds and have fun on the carnival day. Captain Jairock on the mic, good music, beers and barbeque, what else could we ask for?

Words by Niels Arribart  •  Photos by Niels Arribart and Cuellar Photography


Chetos. Out of the swimming pool into the bowl. Corner grind.

Iraia. Frontside smith grind

Aitor Perez. Backside boneless

Ian Campbell. Stand up frontside grind

Julen Arizmendi. Bean plant

Amets. Stand up frontside grind

Captain Jairo. Corner grind

Ian Campbell. Layback in the corner

Ian Campbell. Front blunt

Julen Arizmendi. Frontside feeble

Amets. Blunt to fakie

Captain Jairo. Front smith

Yankee. Frontside feeble

Iraia. Nose pick.

Front smith

Parse. Going into a frontside blunt on the extension

Naxto. Frontside lipslide on the extension


Iraia. Blunt to fakie

Lien to tail

Stand up frontside grind

Blunt to fakie

Standup grind around the corner

Ramputene overview

Azzido Domingo

DJ Dagger

Ramputene overview

¡hasta la próxima vez!