Ramputene DIY and Andoian skatepark – Basque country

Photos by Chris Peiffer and Javi Saavedra

Words by Chris Peiffer

I spent my christmas time again in the basque country to surf and skate and to enjoy with family and friends.

One day Yankee picked me up with his dog Sauron and we went to Ramputene, a awesome DIY project build by locals under a bridge in  San Sebastian. Eskerrik asko Imanol.

Yankee. Frontside Nosepick on the pool block “extension”. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Imanol  (@ramputene_diy). Lien to tail. Photo: Chris Pieffer

Yankee. Lien air. Photo: Chris Pieffer

Additional photos from another session shot by Javier Saavedra

Pablo Ribera – Beanplant frontside grind. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Muñi – Frontside grind. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Iván Munduate – Frontside flip. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Ibón Achutegui – One foot frontside grind. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Julen Martín – Backside Disaster. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Yankee – Madonna. Photo: Javier Saavedra

Another day we went to Andoain, a town also in Gipuzkoa,  to the “new” skatepark build by ZUT skateparks and finished last year. There we met also some other friends and had a nice session with a lot of fun and at the end I captured a few photos.

Natxo. Frontside Air. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Yankee. Frontside Feeble. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Gotxo. Frontside Smith. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Natxo. Backside Boneless. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Yankee. Frigid to fakie with his dog Sauron. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Natxo. Frontside Air. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Gotxo. Backside Feeble Grind. Photo: Chris Peiffer

Natxo. Frontside Air. Photo: Chris Peiffer

I’m really thankful for the nice days with the kiwis and hope to see you soon again!

Gero arte y STAY KIWI– Chris Peiffer

The crew was Yankee (@yankiwiii) ;  Natxo (@natxskater) and Gotxo (@iosu_roteta) of the @jaus_of_vandals Crew!

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