PUMPA PARTY 2019 – Postojna, Slovenia

Weekend package at Pumpa

Photos by Blaž Turk
Text by Katarina Rajh

So, annual Pumpa party happened on the weekend of the 23rd-25th of August at Pumpa DIY spot in Postojna, Slovenia – the 11th in a row. This year it was all about “Kuglica-la-la-la“, basically meaning “Small ball-la-la-la“, which is a reference to the cradle in the making that Boldriders crew started to put together this summer. It’s gonna be a massive one and we are all pretty excited to see how it’s gonna turn out.

Gregor Skok – frontside grind



Beno Omahen – Fakie air



Kupa-  frontside Stalefish


Lorenz Schneider- FS Nosepick Indy Grab



Lornez Schneider – frontside air


Lorenz Schneider – frontside invert


Matej Mali- frontside grind


Alisa Fessl – backside early grab


Deso – Frontside grind


As every year, Pumpa party did not disappoint and their game is still going strong. There was Kuglica (well half of it), skating, music, booze, good times, sun, rain, vert night session, moshpit, bowl night session, blues, metal, food, kissing, hugging, girls dropping vert, dancing, loving, chilling. People. People from all over showing support. But in between and above all of this, Pumpa party is a celebration of raw, of underground, of DIY. Of ongoing friendship that many years ago put together a great example for DIY skateboarding scene in Slovenia from where many others took inspiration and are still looking up to till this day.

So, thank you Pumpa again for reminding us to la-la-la and see you next year! – Katarina Rajh

Pumpa diy pt.1
A Sunday in Postojna, Slovenia with @alessandroferreri @fabio_bottelli @andrea_munari @micelzz

Edit by Cris Nino / Dogdown Skateboards