Ribnik DIY – Slovenia

Photos and words by Blaž Turk

Ribnik DIY is a place that always leaves me speechless – what can two guys (Robert Kos and Gregor Skok) with an insane idea, with the help of other skateboarders, build. They spent five years to finish the project. Ribnik is located in Slovenia under the bridge, next to the highway surrounded with trees and bushes – so amazing.

The event took place on Saturday, August 4th, 2018. A hot summer day, full of good people, food, beer and a sick skate session! More days like these and long life to Ribnik!!!

Kupa. Frontside grind
Robian Fifield. Frontside nosebone
Kupa. Frontside grind the cradle
Gregor Skok frontside grind grab
Kupa. Crail to tail
Lorenz Schneider. Pivot yank to fakie. FSA
Boldriders crew
Blaz Turk photo show
Gregor Skok . Frontside air
Lorenz Schneider. Pivot yank to fakie.
Kupa. Frontside air
Lorenz Schneider. Tail tap
Luka Ovsec. Carve
Gregor Skok and Tomaž Šantl.
#hammocklife #ribnikdiy
Matej Mali. Carving
Lorenz Schneider. Lien to tail
Ribnik pizza oven
Waiting for pizza….
Robian Fifield. Frontside nosebone

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