PARK(ing) Day – Münster, Germany

On September 18, 2020 – World Wide PARK(ing) Day –  activists block city streets in an effort to take back the space all those cars occupy all the time. Few things are more annoying and useless than cars in a city. We, as skateboarders, are pretty much used to “repurposing city space”, so we decided to build a little ramp with the help of our local “BTC” D.I.Y. Crew. We added some beers to the equation and it all went down as a memorable afternoon.

Ferdzraiser: Skateboard artist Ferdz Valencia needs your help!

Ferdz Valencia, skateboard graphic artist and father of two, had a massive stroke on December 9th, 2016 and is just waking up from it now, but can’t move or talk yet and needs another surgery but the hospital has suspended the surgery because of unsettled medical bills.