PUTSKATE Bowl Contest at Opglabbeek Skatepark – Belgium

Despite the rain it was great day and everybody had a blast. We had to fight the wind while putting up the tents but the sun was shining just enough to have a great contest.

With Jeroen Bruggeman and Pieter Decuster arriving just on time for the contest we had 15 sick riders who were competing!

Speaking from the guys who organized the contest we never thought the level of skateboarding would be this high in our hand built pool (built by Concrete Dreams skateparks, thank you guys so much!!! ) We are super stoked to do this again next year with more skaters, more people to watch and more beers to drink!

We raised a decent sum of money to build the next section of our park, so next year not just a bigger contest but also a bigger skatepark.

Thanks to all the sponsors and skaters, see you next year! NIET BANG ZIJN!!!

Skaters from Skatepark Opglabbeek

Words by Pieter-Jan Claes
Photos by Rafaelbrck and Koen Awouters

Photos by Rafaelbrck

Jeroen Bruggeman. Lien air
Jeroen Bruggeman. Nose bonking the garbage can
Robin Demoor. Nose pick in off the garbage can
Toon Dierckx. Lien to tail
Jeroen Bruggeman. Dogpiss carve grind
Toon Dierckx. FSA

Photos by Koen Awouters

Toon Dierckx. Frontside air
Tim Bijstervled. Crail air disaster
Tim Bijsterveld. Front rock
Jeroen Bruggeman. Dog piss invert
Dirk Vanesser over the stairs
Jerome Bruggeman. Garbage can bonk.
Jerome Bruggeman. Dog piss invert
Jerome Bruggeman. Invert
Kauã Albino. Young gun going big in the big air contest

Putskate 2019 – Opglabbeek Skatepark

Video by Dries Mollen


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