Zut skateparks in France to finish this big bowl. Alex waiting for his helmet and knee pads to go for it!

Mimizan skatepark – France

Zutskatepark in Mimizan, France. This bowl is big! We can’t understand why skaters in France and Spain in the beginning don’t want big trannies. Skateboarding Is everything… Big trannies, pools , halfpipes, flow parks , skate plazas, street areas. Imagine a street area with really little planters and hubbas. That’s stupid. No limits… Kids are the future and they don’t need limits. They need more and more…. zutskateparks wants to make skateboarding bigger, that’s all…

Yago Dominguez. Layback tailslide.

Barakatown Skate Jam Session – Lasesarre, Basque country

The park is a little bowl, very fun with good lines and a creative flow area with some quarters and a fun box, everything is very little, but works perfect. I’m so happy about this park I designed and built around ten years ago. Zut skateparks still alive !!!