Short ‘n Sweet – Matt Grabowski – Minus Skateboards

“Our skateparks are high quality parks. Why should we put out a medium quality board? Makes no sense at all. Minus Ramps and Pools – skateboards got the best quality you can get. Made with polish – german pride in Mexico through the USA.

Short´n sweet is a promo flick for our boards. There is a cat running wild in one sequence. Her name is Yoda. The quarter got a hip and is about 2 feet tall and is rounded at the very bottom. You can call this a radius if you want. Yoda´s immediate neighbor Bernd got some background credits too. Steff filmed all this and got the bonus trick at the end. What else? We show same tricks over and over again to make it look like there is more tricks than 10 but at the end it´s just 10. or 11 or only 9 maybe. Anyways 10 sounds more solid. Go out and ask your local gas station for Minus Ramps boards now! You should really try them out ’cause quality really matters! Skate on.”  – Matt Grabowski / Minus skateboards

Matt Grabowski. Pivot on the volcano.  Photo: Pudi

Matt Grabowski. Pivot on the volcano. Photo: Pudi