Windmill skate crew – Finland – Ei Sulle video

Ruke ollieing the hip at a DIY spot that we skated on a road trip up north in Vaasa.

Ruke ollieing the hip at a DIY spot that we skated on a road trip up north in Vaasa.

Windmill is a longtime skate crew from Finland. A crew of skaters most of whom are originally from somewhere in Häme, between Helsinki and Tampere. That means growing up and skating in small cities and countrysides  where nothing happens if you don`t do it yourself. No industry, no money, just you and your skateboarding. It propably taught us to stick together, make things happen and to welcome all the very different people who really wanted to be a part of it. Some left skateboarding, some came back, and some new people joined along the road as well as some of the kids who kind of grew up being a part of it. There is even a little business side to it, Windmill skatecompany with Windmill products, webshop, skatepark projects and other stuff. But nothing has changed really: it`s all about going out skating together, road tripping, camping out, traveling, taking care of the skateparks, creating new stuff to skate, having fun with friends and making things happen.

For the more than five months of winter, many of us are stuck skating and volunteering at the indoor skatepark Laitos in Hämeenlinna. It`s a small dirty old army truck garage but still it`s the best thing you can hope for: a place by skaters for skaters with whatever we end up building there just before the winter hits and the place gets crowded. But of course, when the snow is gone in March skating indoors is the last thing on your mind for the next seven months. Only three or four years ago, after building stuff in wood forever, we found out the magic of concrete. That`s a very big thing for us now, and it will not stop soon. If you wonder why, you should propably surf through all articles and you will very likely find yourself in the middle of wet concrete soon. Skating something you created yourself is always amazing and even better if it`s concrete!

Ei Sulle is a video about our skate year 2012. It`s about filming whatever session was going, not really about going filming. Skating stuff that we built, somebody else built and stuff that nobody built (for skateboarding at least). Filmed during 2012 at home and on the road in Finland + some footage from our annual road trip to Sweden as well. As simple as a skate video can get – hope there is something for you as well.   – Windmill